Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An Update on the Georges

Some of you have asked me for an update on the newlywed Georges.  As most of you know, last September they let us know they were going to transition back to the states to start their family and new life together.  They graciously volunteered to stay with us until Wes, Nicy and family had relocated here in March.  So after months of preparation and saying good bye, on March 22, we sent them off with all our love and blessings. 

I received an email from Kendall the other day and learned that things are going well and they are settling into their new life.  They are living with Kendall's folks and are enjoying time with family and letting everyone fall in love with Patrick.  Kendall went to a job interview and was hired on the spot for a permanent position at a temp agency.  As we all know, she makes a very good first impression and will do a wonderful job with them.  Patrick is getting used to American life and is considering doing some on the job electrical training with Kendall's Dad.  He's enjoying time at their cross-fit gym and is even trying his hand at cooking - preparing Haitian food for the family!  (Never saw that one coming!)

We love and miss them and all of us at Alex's House send them our love.

Bondye beni nou Kendall & Patrick!


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