Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our 2 new boys . . . Warens and Dawrns!

Please join us in welcoming our newest family members -- brothers Warens (age 4) and Dawrns (age 8)! Welcome to Alex's House!  It is amazing to see them light up when they have food, shelter, security and a loving family. Thank you, God!

Be watching for Bill Howard's story of how Warens and Dawrns came to our family.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alex's House welcomes Dominique Levy!

Alex's House welcomes Dominique Levy as our new Life Skills Director of Alex's House! In 4 short days, Dominique will pack her belongings and say goodbye to family and loved ones as she heads Haiti to reside at Alex's House.  She will be responsible for overseeing the implementation, instruction and coordination of the Life Skills Program for Alex's House. As a native of Haiti, Dominique is familiar with the Haitian culture and language as she grew up in Haiti until age 13, then moved to the States where she has raised her family of 4 children and 3 grandchildren.  Haiti was once a part of her past; however, the Lord called her back to Haiti this past summer when she and her daughter spent a week serving with Alex's House on a short-term mission trip.  During that week, the Lord impressed on her heart to return to her native land to assist in the Lord's work at Alex's House among our children and staff. She leaves behind her leadership position at the Head Start program of Aiken, South Carolina and carries with her a wealth of knowledge from her former career that will be a valuable asset to our ministry.

Dominique will help empower our children and the communities in which we serve and give them a brighter future, by providing and building life skills through early childhood development activities starting now and continuing until they leave Alex's House.  In doing so, she will work closely with our children to identify their strengths and weaknesses while mentoring and challenging them to be the best they can be. Our current ministry vision will be strengthened and enhanced significantly. Dominique will also implement and oversee quality control policies and practices for the day-to-day operations of Alex's House, where her on-site presence and leadership will be a great blessing and asset to our Haiti staff and children.  

Dominique is raising her own support through her church family and friends, and we ask you to consider supporting her financially and in prayer.  Please visit our "Staff" page at www.alexshouseorphanage.org and follow the donation links under Dominique's picture. Please join us in covering her with prayer as she adjusts to her new home at Alex's House  . . . what a gift she is to our ministry!  "And, I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns!" Philippians 1:6 

Alex's House is thankful for Dominique's willingness to answer His calling!

A gift of a baby girl!

Alex's House is excited to announce our newest addition, Widena! As you can see, she is a beautiful little girl who will be dearly loved and cherished at Alex's House! We praise God for this precious gift of a baby girl! 

This 7 month beauty has been in our care for a week now and adjusting very well. However, she's not officially ours until the governmental waiting period expires, which is why we have not previously announced her arrival. Please join us in praying for God's will and favor over Widena!

If you are interested in investing in our children's lives through sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Director, Monica Langdale, for more information and to be placed on our waiting list! Monica's e-mail address is sponsorship@alexshouse-haiti.org!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A "Partnership" Leap of Faith . . . The Gathering!

On October 21, 2012, a new church plant was started in the small town of Coulterville, IL by a young pastor, Tim Bauersachs, and his worship leader, Jeff Wagner. Tim and Jeff heard the call of God to reach out to a community just down the road that had very little evangelical witness.  After much prayer and affirmation, they stepped out in faith and "The Gathering" was started.  

The motto at The Gathering is "Following Jesus and leading others to do the same!" The Gathering seeks "to intentionally establish relationships with people God brings to them with the goal of showing them who Christ is and how to follow Him as He changes their hearts and speaks into their lives." The Gathering looks to Acts 1:8 as their guide for everything they do. It is not only a "mission statement" for them, but "it also guides their time, finances, efforts, and lives."  

Soon after they launched, Jeff returned to Haiti to lead a vision team on behalf of his former church and The Gathering to Alex's House on December 1-8th. However, his first introduction to Alex's House came a year earlier when Tim and Jeff went to Haiti to work with IMB/BGR missionaries Sam and Delores York in September 2011. Through that trip, God laid an enormous burden on their hearts for the nations and, specifically, the people of Haiti. Since BGR was pulling out of Haiti, Wagner had "to find another organization through which to make his next trip down there.  That organization was Alex's House."

It was during Jeff's recent December trip that God "truly opened the eyes and hearts of those who went to the needs of the children in Haiti and the fact that God was using Alex's House to meet those needs. Through this experience, God laid a burden on the hearts of those at The Gathering to partner with Alex's House in rescuing the children of Haiti and teaching them about our wonderful Savior." As a result, The Gathering took another leap of faith in becoming an Alex's House partner.  

The Gathering has stepped up and made a commitment to continually pray for Alex's house -- the leaders, the children, and the work that they are doing. A commitment to help through the sending of teams to work in doing whatever is needed. And, a commitment to support Alex's House financially on a regular basis. What a blessing!

Alex's House welcomes The Gathering as a 2013 Partnering Church, and looks forward to what God will accomplish through this partnership! We give thanks to the Lord for sending others to help us carry out His will for Alex's House!

Worship Leader, Jeff Wagner, sharing Christ w/ the Evangecube
during recent December trip!