Monday, December 30, 2013

Rescue & Raise Almost Halfway!

Our Rescue & Raise '14 is still going strong.  Over $70,000 has been raised so far.  With these donations, we have raised almost half of our budget for 2014. Thank you to EVERYONE who has given!  If you have not given yet, we need your support.  

Our budget supports our 32 children at Alex's House, as well as, the other several hundred others we minister to through our partner churches.  Your donations have a far reach, and we appreciate each person who gives.

To meet our 2014 budget, we need to raise $144,420.  That leaves us with $74,020 to go!  Learn more about our 2014 Raise & Rescue Campaign here and make your donation today!

Alex's House appreciates your continued support to Rescue & Raise our children!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Tradition

Every family has their own holiday traditions and that's no different with Alex's House!  We hope you'll enjoy  a few of our traditions as you spend the day honoring your's with your families today. 

We have a tree that we decorate in our dining hall.  (This year it was decorated the day after Thanksgiving because that's when Mama Kendall always put her tree up with her family!)

 The children made ornaments and paper chains to hang on the tree.

Our sponsor's come and bring presents for the children.  LOTS of presents!

Everyone gets their very own Christmas present picked especially for them by their sponsor!

We've got baby dolls, skateboards, games and soccer balls galore!

And just as any time we receive gifts, we take time to thank our sponsors with handwritten thank you notes!

Thank you for your love and support this year! So from Our Family at Alex's House to you and yours:

Monday, December 9, 2013

Big News From Two Of Our Dearest Friends!

Please read the following announcement from our dear friend Amy Hobbs:

 Hello everyone! This may be one of the hardest updates I've ever written, but I wanted to inform everyone of my decision at the same time. You are each a vital part of Alex's House and give so much of your time and energy to our children -- whether in the US or on the field in Haiti.  

Unfortunately, I no longer have a peace about serving at Alex's House's Mission Director.  Every since my trip in September, I have struggled and prayed over this "lack of peace" hoping that the Lord would provide the peace needed to continue. However, He has not granted the peace. 
Instead, He has affirmed my decision to resign through numerous avenues. For me to continue as AH Missions Director would be to disobey further especially since He has made it so clear.

Words cannot describe how much I love Alex's House! There is so much of Alex's House in my home that there is not a day that passes that I'm not reminded of my loved ones in Haiti!   I have learned so much through Haiti, the children and the Alex's House ministry.  The road has been difficult but the sacrifice as been worth every minute! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside of each of you, and have learned so much from each of you --- what a blessing! Thank you for your patience and continued love . . . despite Haiti exposing the "uglies of my heart"! I'm a better follower of Christ having served with Alex's House, but still have a long way to go!  

Bill, I'll be happy to serve and provide guidance for the January teams in order to help in the transition and tie up any loose ends that are needed by you and/or Alex's House staff.  Monica, our family still plans to sponsor Willie, and we look forward to updates on him and the other children!  Perhaps, I can join a team every once in awhile to see the children! Well, the floodgates have opened, so I need to grab some tissue.  

                  Love to each of you!! May the Lord continue to bless Alex's House!

In response to Amy’s decision, our founder Bill Howard wrote:

Amy - you have been a tremendous blessing to Alex's House and a great support to me.  You came on at a crucial time and provided a great foundation for our mission ministry.  Thank you for your professionalism, your friendship and the untold hours of ministry you provided - all out of the goodness of your heart and from the overflow of your love for Jesus.  You will always be a part of Alex's House and we are forever grateful for the time the Lord allowed us to serve together.  

We will pray for you as you follow the Lord in the future He is unfolding. We know that you will continue to serve Him with passion - wherever He may lead.  

God bless you friend!  

Everyone, please join us in saying thank you to Amy from the wonderful two years of ministry she gave us.  She will always have a special place in our hearts and we look forward to our continued friendship.

In other exciting news – let’s also thank the Lord or providing Amy’s replacement!

We have just recently become aware that IBESR (Haiti’s governing body for orphanages) does not allow a non-Haitian to serve as a house parent.  Therefore, we were looking for other avenues of ministry for Kendall Moss.

In addition to leading our School Partnership Program, Kendall has agreed step in and fill the position of Missions Director.  Due to the solid groundwork provided by Amy Hobbs, we will now have an even more streamlined service for our future mission teams.  Once a church/group contacts Alex’s House for a possible trip, Kendall will be the one person to schedule the trip, answer all their questions, meet the group at the airport, settle them into the York House, take them on their daily mission projects, and then deliver them safe and sound back to the airport for their departing flight!  It will be a very smooth process for our supporting groups. 

Kendall is very qualified to serve in this capacity.  Before coming to Alex’s House in July of this year, she worked for Families Outreach as the Director of Public Relations.  Families Outreach partners with orphanages in Haiti, South Africa, Ethiopia and China.  Part of her responsibilities included planning and leading teams to these countries.  Since 2009 she has led/traveled on teams to Kenya, Thailand, the Philippines, Haiti, Zambia, Uganda and South Africa.

Welcome Kendall!  We look forward to you serving in this capacity!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

32 Kids of Thankfulness

If you are on social media at all during the month of November,  you have surely seen an overload of thankful posts, tweets, photos, etc.  We thought we'd join in so here is Alex's House spin on #31daysofthankfulness with our 32 Children of Thanks.  Enjoy!

Each kids was asked "What do you say thank you to Jesus for?".  Here are the responses we received:

"My birthday because we got to eat cookies," Job. Vander said, "for eating cookies at Job's birthday party."  Birthday parties leave a big impression around here!

Many more are thankful for school, lessons, learning and homework. Their thankfulness for learning makes you stop and think what's really important.  (Not a one mentioned toys!)
Louis Pierre my mind that helps me learn at school
Estemania for a head that let's me do good homework
Jeff because I can learn
Mike because Jesus let's me go to school
Mitchina because I can know my lessons
Jerry I am thankful Jesus sent me to school and brought me back home after having a good day.
Dawens for my school.  He gave me a head to learn.
Wilkens because you gave me a mind to learn with
Remy Thank you Jesus for school.
Rosemitha Thank you Jesus for my lessons.
Micky because I can go to school
Diaca because I can do work.  Thank you Jesus for everything you do for me.
Woody Thank you Jesus I can go to school.
Nadege because you give me everything.  You make it so that I can go to school.

Many are thankful for school...and FOOD!
Renel for school and for food
Zachary food, because he gives me and all the kids here food.
Lougens for the food you gave me and for Jesus
Wawens for the food you give me
Jenny for the food you give me and my school
Pierre my school and food
Sterline  for lessons and homework and for food
Widna food, FOOD, FOOD!
Carline Thank you Jesus because I have food.  Thank you Jesus because I can go to school.

Of course the youngest in our family have cute answers.  The are short and sweet, but from the heart!
Kindy for my whole family here
Wislove for my hat
Brenkley for singing
Willie for juice

A few of the older kids gave answers that were in a category of their own! 
Jersey for school and books and sunshine and my house
Yveline because he sends me to school, he lets me play, and he lets me know my lesson and do homework
Ephesien because he gives the missionaries money so that they can send us to school(Mama Kendall teared up as I wrote this one down.  Without a missed beat this was his first response.  YOU make a difference every day in the life our children!)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Raise & Rescue is off to a Great Start!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has given to our Rescue & Raise '14 Campaign to raise our budget for the coming year.  As you know, we have 32 children of our own and several hundred others we are ministering to through our seven partnering Haitian churches.  So far we have 32 people/families giving a total of $32,394!  If you haven't made your year-end donation, please do so today.  We greatly need and appreciate your support.

To meet our 2014 budget, we need to raise $144,420.  That leaves us with $112,026 to go!  Learn more about our 2014 Raise & Rescue Campaign here and make your donation today!

Thank you for your support in helping us rescue and raise the children of Haiti!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Raise & Rescue 2014

Hello Family and Friends of Alex's House!

I pray that you've had a wonderful year and are anticipating a wonderful holiday season. This is the time of entering into a season of Thanksgiving for the blessings our Lord has given us. Then we move into the season where we thank Him for the greatest blessing of all - sending Jesus into the world as our Savior. Praise the Lord! I'm grateful and I'm blessed!

During this season, I'm asking that you would make a financial gift to be a blessing to our children at Alex's House. We are in our second annual Rescue and Raise campaign and are asking everyone who loves Alex's House to make an end of the year donation to provide for our children in 2014.
My goal is to have 500 people who will stand with us and make a generous donation. I know this is a ridiculous goal as it would take nearly everyone making a gift. Yet - I know that God is faithful and I know that you love the children of Alex's House.

So - please help. Click the Golden Button below and read about the wonderful things going on at Alex's House. Then give from the blessings the Lord has given you. Let's be faithful to the vision the Lord has given us of rescuing and raising our children to be radical followers of Jesus!

Thank you friends! I love you and I'm so grateful for your support.

"......for the least of these." Mt. 25:40

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dominique Levy-Job Transition

Alex’s House sends it’s blessing with Dominique Levy as she transitions her ministry location from Haiti back to the U.S.  For the last 11 months, Dominique has served Alex’s House as a houseparent to our girls and as Life Skills Director. 

Our president Bill Howard says:
We are a stronger ministry because of the time Dominique gave us in Haiti.  She came at a critical time for us and helped develop policies and routines that improved our kitchen, financial accountability and life skill ministry.  Then of course, her greatest contribution was pouring love into the lives of our children, especially the girls.

Dominique will be returning to South Carolina with her children and grand children and will continue to serve Alex’s House as our Life Skills Director.  We look forward to all the Lord will do through her ministry in the future.

How can you help?
  • ·      Pray for our staff as they are in the process of seeking the Lord’s will for the person/couple who will come in and be a vital part of raising our girls.
  • ·      Pray that the Lord would prepare the heart of this individual/couple.
  • ·      Pray that the Lord would protect the hearts of the children during this transition. 
  • ·      Pray that the Lord would bless Dominique as she transitions back to the U.S.
  • ·      Pray for the desperate children of Haiti whom the Lord will add to our home this year. Pray that they would be protected and that the Lord will lead us to them in His timing. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Get in the Game

Enter to win a signed football from your favorite team!

To support our Rescue & Raise Campaign for 2013, we are auctioning off footballs from some of your favorite schools!  We have balls signed by the head coaches of Alabama, Auburn, Carolina, Clemson & UGA!

Visit our raffle page here to enter to win.  Tickets are $10 each and when you buy 10 tickets, you get 3 FREE.  Winners will be announced on December 15th.  Spread the word to all the football lovers you know!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Twas the night before Back to School

Last night at Alex’s House was like the equivalent of Christmas Eve.  Instead of stockings, we had new school uniforms laid out.

And in place of neatly wrapped presents, we had fresh backpacks and shiny new shoes.

Our morning started extra early today.  Everyone needed an extra slab of lotion, a spritz of spray and an extra comb of the hair.

By 6:45 all the children were in the dining hall eating their oatmeal.  Some were so excited for school, they could barely finish their breakfast.

At 7:05, we gathered to sing praises, thank The Lord and pray His blessings on our day.

With backpacks in place,

socks neatly folded over,

and new hairbows tightly fastened;

it’s time to load the bus!

Pray today as our children take light into darkness.  Haiti is a dark place, but Alex’s House is raising up disciples who can change this country.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Calling all Interns!

Alex’s House is now accepting applications for 2014 Interns / Associates. If you have felt the desire to serve for an extended time at Alex’s House, now is the time to take action!

Serving at Alex’s House is a wonderful privilege and can provide a life changing experience. However remember, Haiti is a very difficult place to live and minister. To serve with us is an adventure of taking the light into the darkness. There is fun, excitement, and the opportunity to serve Christ and your fellow man in new and meaningful ways. Yet, there is also plenty of hard work and very often, challenging spiritual warfare. Interns and Associates must be spiritually mature and ready for the roller coaster experience of life and ministry in Haiti.

If you’re up for a great challenge and want to learn more about serving with us - click the link below for the Intern/Associate packet!

We look forward to serving with you in Haiti!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Alex's House Welcomes Our New Partner VOCO Apparel

We are excited to announce a new partnership with VOCO Apparel, a new clothing line recently launched by supporter David Cain.  VOCO is not simply a clothing company, but an organization seeking to inspire people to make a difference while doing great things around the world.  A portion of each sale will be donated to help support the mission of Alex’s House.

David visited Alex’s House for the first time this summer.  He has always had a passion to serve orphans around the globe so he joined a mission team from his sister’s church.  Throughout the week he saw the investment of Alex’s Houses in our children and Bill’s heart for ministering to the surrounding community.  He was already in the process of launching VOCO but had not yet identified his partnering organization. 

During his trip, David recognized that God is doing a tremendous work in our children as he saw their spiritual, emotional and social development compared to that of children in neighboring villages.  Supporting orphans has always been the driving force of VOCO, and after his visit David knew God was calling him to partner with Alex’s House.  A few of David’s favorite memories from his trip include the children’s smiles and excitement for interacting with visitors, playing a game of soccer or four square, and witnessing the children’s desire to learn more about the Lord.

VOCO was chosen as the name of the clothing company because it means called or summoned in Latin; and we all have a calling.  If we answer that calling, God will work through us to have a massive impact on a broken and hurting world. Visit to find out more about this new company and how you can help them in their mission.  You can also like them on Facebook, for daily encouraging and challenging messages.  Please help us as we welcome them to the Alex’s House family!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Teachers' Summit 2013!

Alex's House partnered with GLOW Haiti to participate in the 2013 Haiti Teachers' Summit for the second year in a row. God blessed us dearly by sending us over 80 Haitian teachers who were passionate about growing academically as well as spiritually! Beautiful testimonies were shared right alongside interactive lessons. Creative teaching techniques and application skills were taught with games, songs, and by using the word of God! The three day Summit ended too quickly! So many wonderful relationships developed along with an affirmation of the special impact that teachers make in the lives of their students everywhere in the world! With God's Divine guidance we are changing the world one child at a time!

Our teacher team along with some children from Alex' s House also had the incredible opportunity to minister to a group of Haitian widows. Approximately 60 widows gathered in the front yard of Pastor Morvann's home. We shared the Word of God and led them in some praise songs. In turn they sang Haitian praise songs with unbridled passion! We sang, laughed, and danced together. After our time of worship, we showed these shunned widows that we love and care about them by massaging theirs dry, worn out arms, necks, shoulders, legs, and feet with sweet scented lotion. We touched them tenderly and kissed their soft cheeks when we finished. It was so unbelievably humbling.

We were also able to present them with gift bags containing crocheted head covering and washcloths lovingly made by an elderly group of women from Georgia. Their excitement was contagious! God is so good! Finally we shared a delicious meal with each widow. God calls us to care for orphans and widows and in that one gathering we had an opportunity to do both! Mesi, Jezi! Thank you for our dear sisters in Christ...faithful women at the cross!

A big thank you to Deb Young for a wonderful write-up to memorialize our week together! If you are an educator (current or retired) and are interested in participating in next year's conference, please contact Amy Hobbs at

Heaven welcomes our beloved Guerda - July 2, 2013

A month has passed, but our love for Guerda has grown even deeper as we have reflected on the legacy of Christ she left behind! On July 2, 2013, our dear friend and cook, Guerda, suddenly passed early in the morning. She wasn't feeling well, so Jimmy took her to the hospital. However, she did not make it. The doctors indicated that she had a stroke. Her last words were spoken praising the Lord and translated into "Jesus' blood is alive!!" 

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the children about Guerda and what they missed most about her.  Several of the children spoke of her big, contagious smile, but most of them talked about how she read the Bible to them and prayed with them every day!  Personally, I miss the way she danced around the kitchen, with her hands lifted high, as she cooked praising her Lord as if He was standing before her.  What a blessing she was to us!

For all those who know Guerda, she exemplified Christ to our children and our teams in how she loved us, served us and laughed with us. She was part of our family, and words can not describe the loss our hearts have felt over the past month. Please lift up our children and staff as we continue to miss her dearly.

With the hope that only Christ offers, we rejoice knowing that she is standing before the KING OF ALL KINGS with lifted hands praising and dancing!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kendall Moss joins Alex's House - Director of School Partnerships!

Alex’s House is excited to announce Kendall Moss will be joining our team as our volunteer Director of School Partnerships. Kendall will provide leadership and vision to our school partnership program, which will partner US schools with Haitian schools for multifaceted communication exchange.  In addition, she will be serving as a House Parent when she arrives on the ground in Haiti mid-July!

Kendall is an Arkansas native who was born and raised in Jonesboro, AK. She graduated from Arkansas State University with a degree in Public Relations, which she put to good use as the Director of Public Relations for Families Outreach, an Alex’s House Partnering organization that provides resources and grants to families wishing to adopt locally and/or internationally.  As the Director of PR at Families Outreach, Kendall’s responsibilities included planning and leading mission teams to various orphanages, maintaining the website, producing communication pieces and organizing community outreach events.  As you can expect, Kendall will be a great asset and tremendous blessing to our ministry. 

Kendall is the proud aunt of 3 nieces and 2 nephews, and enjoys cooking, cross fit, and Disney World.  When asked what sold her on Alex’s House, she responded, “the selling point for me was during my trip over  Spring Break when I saw that Alex’s House is dedicated to creating passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. We go beyond providing a place to live, food, and an education and go deeper to the heart!” 

Kendall, welcome on board!  If you are interested in the Director of School Partnership or sponsoring Kendall, you may contact Kendall at!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Water Filtration System Installed!!!

Fact:  1.8 million children DIE every year as a result of diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation.  This amounts to 5000 deaths a day, one every 20 seconds!

On April 20, 2013, on behalf of Water Missions International, Cedar Creek Church (Aiken, SC) and TrueNorth (North Augusta, SC), a team of six traveled down to Haiti to install a new water filtration system.  

This installation had been in the works for months as Cedar Creek and TrueNorth Church raised the necessary $18,000.00 to provide for this system through TrueNorth's partnership with Water Missions International in Charleston, SC!  In God's faithfulness, the April departure date arrived, and the system was fully installed and working properly within 3 days!!! Proper training was provided to our Alex's House staff to ensure proper procedures where followed to ensure the system was maintained and used properly.  

Our new water system will provide long-lasting safe water for our children, our teams and our Kalico community!  What a blessing and source of life this will be for Alex's House -- we can't even comprehend the ministry doors that clean water will open in the community while also quenching the thirst of our Alex's House children. When asked how this system will positively impact Alex's House, Mike Fielder (TrueNorth's Missions Pastor) remarked: "While the obvious one is the financial burden that has been lifted off of Alex’s house, the exciting one is the impact that this can have on the entire community. What I love most about Bill Howard is his understanding that Mercy Ministries and Humanitarian Aid alone have been ineffective in Haiti. I believe very strongly that his vision for creating disciples combined with his vision for community development are the perfect formula for what the country needs. This system will allow Bill unprecedented access for relationship building in the Kalico community." 

We stand in awe of God's continued faithfulness as we trust Him to meet our needs hour after hour, day after day! There is no greater feeling to be in His will following His call while He provides every step of the way while opening the doors and softening the hearts of the community.  God is good! 

On behalf of Alex's House, we are forever grateful for all the generous supporters and prayer warriors that God used to make this possible! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alex's House welcomes a new Financial Director to our staff!

I’m so excited to announce that Cammie Hayes has officially joined our staff at Alex’s House as our new Financial Director.  She brings a sweet personality and disposition and is always ready to help. She currently resides in North Augusta, South Carolina with her husband Kevin. She is an Accountant for the City of Aiken, South Carolina, and brings years of accounting experience and great expertise to the Alex’s House family.

Cammie also demonstrated her wonderful leadership skills as she recently served as our Race Director for our very first Alex's House 5K Walk/Run, where she and her team raised over $5,000.00 for our children.  We are already looking forward to next year's 5K in North Augusta, S.C. under Cammie's leadership!

In her spare time, Cammie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, along with her two dogs - Mackie and Jasper. She and her husband attend TrueNorth Church in North Augusta, SC, were she faithfully serves in the infant room weekly along with leading one of the biggest "small groups" at TrueNorth! When asked "what sold you on Alex's House," Cammie responded: "The passion of its leadership to reach the least of  these.  After being apart of what God was doing through Alex's House in Haiti, how could you not be sold?? The smiles and laughter from the children tell a pretty good story."

In His faithfulness, God continues to bring us just the right person at just the right time.  Cammie is a great addition to our team, and we give thanks to the Lord for her willingness to serve alongside of us.    Cammie will be replacing Jennifer Howard, who has faithfully served as our interim Financial Director over the past 3 years until the Lord provided a permanent person for the position.  Thank you, Jennifer, for all the great work and service -- words can not adequately express our gratitude. 

Like all of our stateside staff, Cammie is volunteering her time - serving the ministry of Alex's House out of the goodness of her heart. What a blessing she will be to our ministry, and we look forward to many years together! God is good!