Monday, January 27, 2014

New Cottage and Dining Hall Signs

Alex's House's cottages and dining hall have a new look with a special meaning.  We would like to thank several of our supporters for their deep generosity in housing and feeding our children.

The Malachi Cottage - funded by Rick & Lynette Owens in memory and honor of Rev. Robert 

Malachi Owens.

The Martha Cottage - funded by Rick & Susan Mann in memory of Martha Mann -

"A NOBLE woman."

The Teresa Cottage - funded by Carl & Birgit Lumpkin in memory of Carl's sister Teresa -                  "a beautiful sister and daughter who is loved and missed greatly."

Vaught Dining Hall - funded by the generosity of Mike & Gwen Vaught

The older boys cottage is in need of a sponsor

Praise the Lord for our wonderful supporters.  

We are grateful for you!