Sponsorship Program

We are so glad you have decided to visit us here at Alex's House. As you look over our pages, it is our hope that the children of Haiti will capture your heart as they have ours. It's our guess that for some of you, this has already happened. Some of you know that God desires you to reach out not only with your finances and prayers, but with your heart as well. If that someone is you, then you are at the right place. These children need loving individuals and families who want to open their hearts to an underprivileged Haitian child. They were either homeless and rescued from the streets, or because of overwhelming poverty, their parents brought them to us and surrendered them to our care.

Alex's House is home for children that didn’t have a home. The children are taken care of by a loving and devoted family. Most importantly, our caregivers continue to teach and be living examples of the gospel as they train the children to be Godly men and women.

Sponsorship Options
There are three types of sponsorship:
1)   Daily Bread Sponsorship: helps cover the cost of providing a safe home, food, clean water, clothes, basic medical needs, and loving adult caregivers.

2)   Child to School Sponsorship: helps cover the cost of school tuition, school uniforms, books, and supplies.

3) Life Skills Sponsorship: helps cover the cost of job skill training and/or additional education in preparation for obtaining a job and being able to be self-supporting once the child is a young adult and is living on his/her own.

In addition, we ask sponsors to help provide for the necessities of the heart: love, encouragement, attention, conversation, prayer, and spiritual support.

Financial Commitment
For only $30.00 a month, you can sponsor a child, either as a “Daily Bread” sponsor, “Child to School” sponsor, or "Life Skills" sponsor. Your financial commitment allows the children to live a more normal life.

We promise that 100% of your giving will go directly to the care and nurture of the child you have chosen. Financial stewardship is one of our top priorities. All giving is tax deductible, as Alex's House is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Communicating With Your Child
We hope you will join us in praying for your child daily, asking God to watch over them, protect them, and draw them closer to Him as they grow and mature in their faith.  We hope you will also utilize the opportunity to send photos and letters of encouragement to your child. The letters will be translated into Haitian Creole and given to your child. Your child will also have the opportunity to write back to you. Additionally, we will send you current pictures of your child.  

Enrollment Process
Please take some time to pray about the child God may be calling you to sponsor. Once He lays a child on your heart, please email Monica Langdale, our Sponsorship Director. She will advise you on getting started with your child sponsorship. Any questions can be sent to the same email.

Thank you so much for visiting with us. We pray that you will see clearly how God desires you to become involved in His work.

How do I pay?
There are several payment methods from which you can choose. You may:
1)   Mail your monthly or yearly payment to: Alex's House, PO Box 7477, North Augusta, SC 29861, or
2)    Set up Auto Bill Pay with your bank, or
3)   Click the "Subscribe" link below to enroll in automatic payments through PayPal. The $30 will be automatically deducted from your checking account.  It is safe and easy.
4)  Click the "Donate" link below to make a manual sponsorship donation. 

Sponsorship Options:

To set-up an automatic monthly payment through Paypal:

To make one-time donation and/or manual (non-automatic) donation(s):