Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why I Sponsor a Child


When the opportunity came to sponsor a child at Alex’s House, I jumped on it.  We could choose if we had a preference, of sponsoring a girl or a boy, young or not so young.  Mine happens to be a house full of testosterone, so I definitely wanted to sponsor a little girl.  Without a doubt, God hand-picked the child I now sponsor, my Jenny.  (That’s what I call her – "my Jenny")
Through funds I’m providing, yes, Jenny’s getting an education, food, clothes, shelter, etc.  But she’s getting a lot more than that (and so am I).  At Alex’s House, I know she’s learning about the love of Jesus Christ.  I know she’s hoping and dreaming of a future that never would have existed before.  I know she’s being cared for by a loving staff and that they are looking out for her best interest.
I honestly feel like I’m a part of Jenny’s life.  On the Alex’s House Sponsor website, I can see updated photos of her and she can see photos of me.  I can even send messages to her on the website.  Last Christmas I filled a shoe box with gifts just for her.  I’ve got photographs of her opening that shoe box.  The smile on that little girl’s face is worth every penny I spent on in.  I consider myself very blessed to be a part of my Jenny’s life.  

Joan Horbert