Monday, March 2, 2015

Our Growing Family

We proudly introduce the two newest family member's of Alex's House, Diore(pronounced like Joey) and Lourdemia.  They were brought to Alex's House several months ago by IBERS, the Haitian governing body of orphanages.  Their mother is severely disabled and unable to continue caring for them.  We took them in to foster will IBERS further investigated their situation.  They are now officially a part of the Alex's House family.

This was the first picture posted of Diore and Yourdemia on
 Facebook when they arrived at Alex's House

Diore, 8
June 8, 2006
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: Rice mixed with beans and legume(a mixed vegetable dish)
Favorite Subject: Grammar

Diore is such a great big brother.  On one of pairs first days at Alex's House, he brought over his water  cup for Lourdemia because she hadn't received one yet.  We explained that she would get her own cup of water and he could keep his!  He does great with school work.  Micky keeps him in line and makes sure he knows his lesson each day for school.  Like most other Haitian boys, Diore loves to play soccer.  He has a big smile and is just a generally content eight year old!

Lourdemia, 7
January 24, 2008
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food:White rice, bean sauce and legume(a mixed vegetable dish)
Favorite Subject: Math

Lourdemia is a lively, extremely girly seven year old.  She loves having her hair fixed and likes to fix others hair.  Her naturing side can be seen when she is playing(ok sometimes bossing)Widena and Wislove.  Lourdemia loves to play with dolls and fashion new clothes for them.  She has the cutest snaggled tooth grin!

Both children are in need of full sponsorship-Daily Bread, Child to School, and Life Skills.  If you would like more information on sponsoring Diore or Lourdemia, please contact our Sponsorship Director Monica Langdale at  We hope you come to visit us soon and meet our new family members!