Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Joy!

Alex's House Christmas 2012

December was full of unspeakable Christmas joy for our Alex's House children and staff as we celebrated the greatest gift ever given -- the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Our children enjoyed a few new Christmas traditions at their new home in Kalico, which began with a serving of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with hot chocolate while a team member shared the Nativity story of Christ's birth!
Nativity story being shared with our children
A universal treat -- chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate!

Then, our children were excited to trim their first Christmas tree with handmade, personalized ornaments made by our children and hung with great pride. I am not sure I have ever experienced such excitement and joy while putting up a Christmas tree -- their smiles lit up the place! Each child stepped forward to tell what gift they were most thankful for this Christmas season as they hung their ornaments on the tree.  An overwhelming majority of them said the opportunity to go to school was one of the best gifts they had ever received!  What a fun way to give thanks during our Christmas celebration!
Wilkens searching for the perfect spot!
The staff was just as excited as the children!
The children making ornaments with their photos to hang on the tree!
Giving is just as much fun as receiving, so our Sponsorship team along with our Alex's House children and staff invited some community children to Alex's House to make hand-made toys and ornaments for Christmas, and distributed rice and beans to families in need of a Christmas meal! What a blessing beyond!  

Alex's House and community kids making toy cars and trucks!

Community friends with their new hand-made toy cars!
Alex's House and Community kids making ornaments together!

Each of our children then received a special gift from Papa Bill and Mama Jennifer -- new pajamas!  Their smiles spoke of gratefulness and excitement as they sported their new sleeping attire! Super cute!

Last but not least, our children were OVERJOYED to open their Christmas gifts from their Daily Bread Sponsors!  The excitement was contagious and words can not express how much fun they had! What a merry Christmas was had by all! 
Our Sponsorship Director, Monica Langdale, enjoying the fun!
Guitarist Willie was a big hit!
Sweet Carline and her new favorite doll!
Ephesian excited over his new walkie talkies!

From our Alex's House family to yours, we pray you had a joy-filled Christmas celebrating our Savior's birth, and we wish you the best Christ has to offer for 2013! We have been blessed beyond words by your support, love, prayers and partnership -- each of you are gift from above to us! 

With love,
Amy (on behalf of our entire Alex's House staff and children)