Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Joy!

Alex's House Christmas 2012

December was full of unspeakable Christmas joy for our Alex's House children and staff as we celebrated the greatest gift ever given -- the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Our children enjoyed a few new Christmas traditions at their new home in Kalico, which began with a serving of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with hot chocolate while a team member shared the Nativity story of Christ's birth!
Nativity story being shared with our children
A universal treat -- chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate!

Then, our children were excited to trim their first Christmas tree with handmade, personalized ornaments made by our children and hung with great pride. I am not sure I have ever experienced such excitement and joy while putting up a Christmas tree -- their smiles lit up the place! Each child stepped forward to tell what gift they were most thankful for this Christmas season as they hung their ornaments on the tree.  An overwhelming majority of them said the opportunity to go to school was one of the best gifts they had ever received!  What a fun way to give thanks during our Christmas celebration!
Wilkens searching for the perfect spot!
The staff was just as excited as the children!
The children making ornaments with their photos to hang on the tree!
Giving is just as much fun as receiving, so our Sponsorship team along with our Alex's House children and staff invited some community children to Alex's House to make hand-made toys and ornaments for Christmas, and distributed rice and beans to families in need of a Christmas meal! What a blessing beyond!  

Alex's House and community kids making toy cars and trucks!

Community friends with their new hand-made toy cars!
Alex's House and Community kids making ornaments together!

Each of our children then received a special gift from Papa Bill and Mama Jennifer -- new pajamas!  Their smiles spoke of gratefulness and excitement as they sported their new sleeping attire! Super cute!

Last but not least, our children were OVERJOYED to open their Christmas gifts from their Daily Bread Sponsors!  The excitement was contagious and words can not express how much fun they had! What a merry Christmas was had by all! 
Our Sponsorship Director, Monica Langdale, enjoying the fun!
Guitarist Willie was a big hit!
Sweet Carline and her new favorite doll!
Ephesian excited over his new walkie talkies!

From our Alex's House family to yours, we pray you had a joy-filled Christmas celebrating our Savior's birth, and we wish you the best Christ has to offer for 2013! We have been blessed beyond words by your support, love, prayers and partnership -- each of you are gift from above to us! 

With love,
Amy (on behalf of our entire Alex's House staff and children)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rescue & Raise '13

We are wrapping up an incredible year at Alex's House and are praying that we can go into 2013 with a strong financial base.

God has provided vision to our leadership and has given us wonderful goals for next year.  To mention a few -- we hope to rescue 20 more children from the cruel streets of Haiti, continue to raise our current 27 children in love of Jesus and begin renovations on our second orphanage (Port au Prince site) to provide a nursery campus for our younger children.  

The only way we can reach this goal is through the faithful  support of friends like you.  Please join us in praying God's favor and blessings over this Rescue & Raise Offering. Click the graphic above to see our new video and learn more about our Rescue & Raise offering.  Then, please make your end of the year donation today! All donations are tax deductible!

Friday, November 2, 2012

ORPHAN SUNDAY is this Sunday - 11.4.12! Join us!

One Day. One Voice. One Purpose. Please join Alex's House and the Christian Alliance for Orphans in praying for the orphans around the world this Sunday. There is great power in a collaborative, international prayer effort. WE, as the body of Christ, are called to "defend the cause of the fatherless!" Isaiah 1:17. Kneel before our King, the FATHER OF THE FATHERLESS, and plead the orphan's case!

As we take a stand on Sunday for the orphan, please consider wearing your Alex's House Orphanage t-shirt to church and in the communities you live on Sunday to raise awareness! We are grateful for YOU and your partnership!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Backpacks, Ruffled Socks and Saving Hope

The first day of school is often characterized by nervous excitement.  Monday, October 8, 2012, was no different but for a few additions for our children at Alex's House.  The overriding theme to myself, as an outsider, was pride.  The good, healthy, ‘I’m a child of God who’s greatly loved’ sort of pride.  Each child wore that new backpack all morning!  

They were crisp and clean, chatty yet anxious, excited and prepared.  Alex’s House thought of everything.  Youse clipped fingernails.  Patrick wiped down the bus seats to make sure they didn’t get dirtied on their way. Bill handed out those prized backpacks.  

Jimmy made sure the older boys slacks and belts were just right.  And just as any kid knows to do, they all smiled beautifully for their ‘first day of school’ picture.  The pride that they felt in how they looked, what they had, and where they were headed was clearly written on each face.

With every child dressed (perfectly!  Love those ruffled socks!) and fed and clad with backpacks full of all they needed, the family did what I keep seeing them diligently do.  They circled together, sang their songs, said their prayers, and gave their day to Jezi. 

 It was, however, after school that really told the story.  All over that campus, kids carried their books everywhere they went.  Little boys sat in corners reading.  Little girls sat with pencils, paper, and the biggest smiles of appreciation.  They were filled with hope, already proud of what they were becoming.

On the way back to Ms. Bettie’s guesthouse after seeing the kids off, we passed a young boy carrying the family water bucket.  He was probably about 11, looked much like Wilkens or Remy.  He wasn’t dressed crisply in the most fastidious of school uniforms.  He donned no backpack.  There were no shining shoes.  And there was no smile of hope or pride.
Even Willy tried to climb into that white truck as the kids loaded for school.  They all knew the value of what they were getting.  It’s the difference not between a crisp school uniform and a tattered hand-me-down or whether you carry a book or a water bucket.  It’s who carries you, and the wings of hope on which He does so.

It was successful, exciting, appreciated, and packed full of all the hope of a future filled with God’s presence and blessing.  ~ Jana Abbott (Ingleside Baptist Church)

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Glorious Move-IN Day - Friday, September 28, 2012!!

There are many rooms in my father's house . . .

Malachi Cottage
 If this were not true, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.

Teresa Cottage
Fully stocked Kitchen!

If I go and do that, I will come back.

And, I will take you to be with me.

We sang, danced and gave thanks on the way up! Meci Jezi!

Then, you will also be where I am. 

Our children lined up outside the gate

Then, they entered through a tunnel of love made of His hands and feet . . .

Words are inadequate!

Beautiful in every way!

Their smiles and laughter lit up the entire place!
Home sweet Home!
Papa Bill's smile lit up the place, too!

Gratefully blessed!
Lord, thank YOU for providing!
Words seem so inadequate!  We bow down and give thanks to the Lord for His steadfast provisions!  We are moved in and the children are loving it!  A huge thank you to all the teams and supporters who made this day possible - it was definitely a team effort and will continue to be!  We are not finished yet, but Friday was an amazing day as we started a new chapter in Kalico! For more pictures and weekly updates, please visit

Grateful. Blessed. Humbled. God is Good.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Helper Kevin Flory

On occasions the Apostle Paul talked about being in challenging situations, fatigued, nearing his breaking point.  During these times he spoke of how the Lord would send him a helper - someone to work by his side, to help carry the load – right at the time when he needed it the most.

I’ve had an Apostle Paul experience.

God has greatly blessed the growth of Alex’s House, both with the health and growth of our children and with the progress of our construction. Our official move in date is September 28th. Praise the Lord – we’re going to make it! Yet as you could imagine – with all the growth, blessings, groups, construction, storms and trials - I’m very tired.

This is where my apostle Paul experience comes in. Right when I needed help the most – God sent me a helper – a friend – Kevin Flory.  Kevin came to Haiti with one of our Partnering organizations – Families Outreach. The night before the group was to depart, I was feeling the pressure. How were we ever going to be ready to move the children in before the start of school? In nine months, we have built over 10,000 sq. feet of buildings with picks, shovels, wheelbarrows and 5 gallon buckets!

Yet – the groups were gone and there was still much work to be done – and very little time to do it in.
I had mentioned to the group my need for help. Kevin said – “I could stay and help.” I said something like – “yeah man – if you could stay an extra week, that would be incredible.” He responded – “I’ll stay the whole month if you need me.” Tears flow now as I remember his generosity and the incredible work he did in those extra three weeks. Kevin completed the septic lines; ran the plumbing lines for all the cottages; plumbed a water tank; and built the bathroom cabinets and stalls for all the cottages. There is no way I could have completed these task without him.

Kevin – you were an incredible blessing to me. I can’t thank you enough. God sent you to me when I needed you the most. Without your faithfulness, servants heart and hard work, we wouldn’t be ready for the move in. I and the family of Alex’s House are forever grateful.

I love you brother,


Friday, August 24, 2012

Alex's House honkers down at the Yorkhouse to weather Storm Isaac!

As Storm Isaac heads towards Haiti today, Bill is on his way to Port-au-Prince to gather our children and take them to Kalico to weather tonight's storm. Our children will be staying in our new guesthouse property (a/k/a the Yorkhouse), where we sense they will be offered the greatest protection from tonight's storm. It will be a long night for our staff and children, so pray that God wraps a mighty army of angels around them and the Yorkhouse!

Our prayer is for the Lord to protect Haiti as the winds blow and the rains fall.  We trust God will use this storm to draw Haiti closer to Him.  We continue to pray for existing roofs to stay attached; the tarps to be stronger than we can imagine for those still living in tents; minimal to no flooding; the mud to stay put without sliding, and for the cholera to be contained.

We lift our voices in praise and cry out in prayer today . . . may He draw each one of us closer to Him today as we enter His presence to pray for our loved ones in Haiti.