Thursday, June 19, 2014

Project Playground: COMPLETE

Project Playground: COMPLETE
The kids have a fun new place to play.  Like many things at Alex's House, our new playground was a team effort!  It was the work of many that together created a beautiful new play structure for our children.

Many committed to raising money through our latest fundraiser.  VBSs and children's ministries  took the challenge to help raise the money to build the playground.

Team member after team member worked hard to clear the grounds of rubble.  In between ministry sites teams would shovel buckets of rocks to make a clearing for the new playground.

Building plans were sketched and drawn out weeks in advance.  And then of course, thrown out and completely reworked once the project started!

Truck loads of supplies were brought in from Port au Prince.  The JAC truck was so weighed down with materials, it took an extra to get home from Port one day.  Several trips were made to the hardware store to collect everything needed for the project!

A team from The Gathering in Illinois welded, measured, sawed, and hammered.  Their blood, sweat and tears were poured into the playground.  The team did a great job of working quickly to get the project completed in one week!

And all the hard work paid off when the final results were unveiled!  We see many years of squeals, smiles and laughters!
The playground has a rope ladder, baby swings, trapeze bar, climbing ladder, bridge, and big kid swings!