Monday, September 23, 2013

Alex's House Welcomes Our New Partner VOCO Apparel

We are excited to announce a new partnership with VOCO Apparel, a new clothing line recently launched by supporter David Cain.  VOCO is not simply a clothing company, but an organization seeking to inspire people to make a difference while doing great things around the world.  A portion of each sale will be donated to help support the mission of Alex’s House.

David visited Alex’s House for the first time this summer.  He has always had a passion to serve orphans around the globe so he joined a mission team from his sister’s church.  Throughout the week he saw the investment of Alex’s Houses in our children and Bill’s heart for ministering to the surrounding community.  He was already in the process of launching VOCO but had not yet identified his partnering organization. 

During his trip, David recognized that God is doing a tremendous work in our children as he saw their spiritual, emotional and social development compared to that of children in neighboring villages.  Supporting orphans has always been the driving force of VOCO, and after his visit David knew God was calling him to partner with Alex’s House.  A few of David’s favorite memories from his trip include the children’s smiles and excitement for interacting with visitors, playing a game of soccer or four square, and witnessing the children’s desire to learn more about the Lord.

VOCO was chosen as the name of the clothing company because it means called or summoned in Latin; and we all have a calling.  If we answer that calling, God will work through us to have a massive impact on a broken and hurting world. Visit to find out more about this new company and how you can help them in their mission.  You can also like them on Facebook, for daily encouraging and challenging messages.  Please help us as we welcome them to the Alex’s House family!