Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pinwheels to windmills!

Sixty children caused quite a windstorm at First Baptist Church in Fort Sumner, New Mexico – in a good way, of course! During their vacation bible school week, they stood behind the challenge to literally turn pinwheels into windmills for Alex’s House Orphanage, stirring momentum for the rest of the church body to support the orphanage’s fundraiser to install windmills as a power source at its new location in Kalico, Haiti. 

For every $10 the children brought in, Hope Finney, the VBS mission coordinator, made pinwheels to illustrate the ultimate goal of the fundraiser. With such an outstanding amount of giving, the kids ran out of pinwheels by the end of the week by raising an incredible $2,600 for the windmills just from loose change around the house. Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters really add up to dollars here and in Haiti!

The kids heard about Alex’s House all week as a part of the missions aspect of VBS and “their little hearts were really touched,” said Finney. Each day, they prayed over pictures of all of the children at Alex’s House and each got to take home a picture home of the children he or she prayed for during the week.

The compassion these children showed for the children of Alex’s House spilled over into the entire church body. Inspired by the dedication of the children’s ministry, MaryAnn Cortese challenged her church body, with an average attendance of 125 people, to continue the blessing the children had started, setting the goal at $25,000. "After such an amazing act of sacrifice, we challenged our church to join in the opportunity," Cortese said.  "We are a small congregation, however, we believe in a BIG God."  FBC of Ft. Sumner has currently raised $22,600, and fully expects to reach their final goal of $25,000 very soon. 

"We know that all the glorification goes to a God who is the "father to the fatherless," Cortese said. "We are so grateful for the people who listen to the voice of God and provide us the opportunity to serve in His kingdom building project." Amen!  

The church became involved with Alex’s House after a few of its members met Bill Howard through BGR missionaries in Haiti, Sam and Delores York, and were inspired by the vision Pastor Howard had for an orphanage to rescue street children. The church formally partnered with Alex’s House this past January and is pooling resources to do what it can for the children of Alex’s House. “Alex’s House was the perfect fit,” said Nathan Lawrence, the pastor of FBC – Ft. Sumner. “We could help rescue street children and do construction.”

The Lord has richly blessed the ministry at FBC, and Alex’s House is thankful for all of its efforts to shower love and support onto our 26 precious children. “The church is getting more and more into doing what they can for the least of these,” said Pastor Lawrence. 

Thank you again, FBC of Ft. Sumner, for hearing His call and allowing Him to use you in a big way in Haiti! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Construction Update!

Lots of great things are happening at our Kalico property and we are so thankful for the progress!
These three guys plus Bill moved tons and tons and tons of back fill for the dining area

Trusses and beginning of front porch on the Malachi Cottage (for the boys).

From the ground to the blocks - tons and tons and ....that is a lot of back fill!

The Teresa and Martha Cottage (for the girls).
The beginning of the dining area