Monday, February 28, 2011

Haiti Heroes & Honorary Trustees- Sam and Delores York

Do you know any exceptional people? People who are game changers, those who truly make a difference, people who could even be called heroes? Some of these folks are famous, some are rich, some are great leaders in the business or political world.

Others choose a path less known and certainly less traveled. They are not businessmen, or famous clergy or public figures.  They've not stored up treasures on earth, but instead have deposited untold treasures in the hearts and lives of those around them.

Sam and Delores York are some of these people.  You could call them heroes.

Sam and Delores are "salt of the earth" folks who love Jesus and have spent a large part of their lives living out the Great Commission. They have served on the mission field for 25 years. The last twelve of these years have been spent ministering to the Haitian people.

Delores, an R.N. by trade, has a warm and welcoming spirit and shares the gospel through her medical, relational and language skills.  Sam is full of wit and humor and leads a massive re-construction effort, having built 175 houses with a goal of 250 houses by mid 2012 when they will retire.

Sam and Delores were involved in the very beginning of Alex's House, being the one's who graciously hosted Bill Howard on his initial vision trip. Recognizing that God had given Bill and Alex an identical vision, they initiated the introductions that gave way to the birth of Alex's House.  Their continual support, encouragement and prayers are a vital part of our ministry.  It is out of our deepest gratitude that we name Sam and Delores Honorary Trustees of Alex's House.