Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a huge THANK YOU from all of us at Alex’s House Orphanage.

It is because of our Partnering Churches and all of our Child Sponsors that we are able to do God’s work in Haiti by helping 51 children in Damien and Kalico. These children are not only receiving food, shelter and clean water, but also learning skills for life and the saving message of Jesus Christ! Our prayer and belief is that many more children will gain life-changing skills and knowledge as we continue to do God’s work in Haiti in 2012 and beyond.

We are excited about 2012, which brings the beginning of so many amazing things - starting with the construction of our orphanage and guest house in Kalico and continuing with many mission trips and the addition of new Partnering Churches. Also, through the generosity of one of our Partners - Pleasant View Baptist in Oakland, MD - we are purchasing a 66 passenger bus. This purchase will make the transport of our children and groups much safer.

Your prayers are something we covet on a daily basis.   

Amazing things are happening in Haiti – will you continue on this journey with us?

The boys enjoying dinner during the Christmas mission trip made by several sponsor families

Making cars for Christmas gifts - they were a HUGE hit!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Consider Alex's House Orphanage!

While our kids complain about end of semester tests and projects, others only dream of an education.  

While we worry about gaining weight from too much holiday eating, others worry about having anything to eat at all.

While we are busy planning holiday parties and shopping for the perfect gift, others hope they have a safe place to sleep at night.

While planning your end of year giving, please consider Alex's House.
Click HERE for more information on becoming a sponsor - this is $1/day - less than the price of a cup of coffee!
Click HERE to make a one time gift (or two, or three... ).

For a limited time,  you can purchase the book Love Talk by Susan Warren (Click HERE) and $5 will be donated to Alex's House!  This is a great opportunity to purchase Christmas presents and help our children in Haiti.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why I Sponsor a Child


When the opportunity came to sponsor a child at Alex’s House, I jumped on it.  We could choose if we had a preference, of sponsoring a girl or a boy, young or not so young.  Mine happens to be a house full of testosterone, so I definitely wanted to sponsor a little girl.  Without a doubt, God hand-picked the child I now sponsor, my Jenny.  (That’s what I call her – "my Jenny")
Through funds I’m providing, yes, Jenny’s getting an education, food, clothes, shelter, etc.  But she’s getting a lot more than that (and so am I).  At Alex’s House, I know she’s learning about the love of Jesus Christ.  I know she’s hoping and dreaming of a future that never would have existed before.  I know she’s being cared for by a loving staff and that they are looking out for her best interest.
I honestly feel like I’m a part of Jenny’s life.  On the Alex’s House Sponsor website, I can see updated photos of her and she can see photos of me.  I can even send messages to her on the website.  Last Christmas I filled a shoe box with gifts just for her.  I’ve got photographs of her opening that shoe box.  The smile on that little girl’s face is worth every penny I spent on in.  I consider myself very blessed to be a part of my Jenny’s life.  

Joan Horbert            

Monday, October 31, 2011

Did You Know?

Did You Know That Alex's House....

... has 51 children under our care in Damien and Kalico?

...has 6 partnering churches with more coming on board in 2012?

...will begin construction on the Kalico orphanage in January 2012? presently raising funds for our new Guesthouse on the Kalico property named in honor of missionaries Sam and Delores York?

...took 97 people on Haiti mission trips in 2011

...has 11 mission trips currently planned for 2012 with more to come?

...has a goal of 10 orphanages by the end of 2020?


Please join us as we become the hands and feet of Jesus to some of the poorest children in the world. Your life will forever be changed as a result!

Barton Mann from Partnering Church Fairview Baptist in Russell Springs, KY with Job in March 2011
(after a fierce game of keep away)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SPONSORS NEEDED for our 33 new children!

God is so great! He has very recently placed in our care an additional 33 children. Yes, 33 more children! Each of these children needs a “Daily Bread” sponsor and a “Child to School” sponsor. Why not you? Click here for more information about the specific types of sponsorships we have and on following through with becoming a sponsor.

Now, take a few minutes to look at the photos of our new children. You may find yourself pulled toward a child you want to sponsor. Or we will gladly pair you with a child, if that is what you prefer.

Would you welcome one of these precious children into your heart?

Please contact us to let us know you would like to become a sponsor.

Contact Monica Langdale, Sponsorship Director, with your child request and your questions at:

Haiti trip 703 copy  Haiti trip 784 copy  Haiti trip 731 

    Clelie Lorine 3 year old girl, Gueshnie Pierre 14 year old girl, Roseverline Philus 8 year old girl

Haiti trip 809 copy  Haiti trip 719 copy  Haiti trip 691 copy 

Mickenson Voyard 14 year old boy, Emania Herisaint 3 year old girl, Mickencia 1 year old girl

Haiti trip 726 copy  Haiti trip 727 copy  Haiti trip 755 copy

Betisa Loune 8 year old girl, Lysette Petit Homme 7 year old girl, Daphnee Etienne 14 year old girl

Haiti trip 758 copy  Haiti trip 768 copy  Haiti trip 772 copy

Beloude Lorine 13 year old girl, Dievline Paul 11 year old girl, Louima Lovely 11 year old girl

Haiti trip 708 copy  Haiti trip 713 copy  Haiti trip 801 copy

Elire Herisaint 6 year old girl, Esteline Wideline 3 year old girl, Jameson Silencieux 11 year old boy

Haiti trip 693 copy  Haiti trip 700 copy  Haiti trip 777 copy 

        Roolkensky 3 year old boy, Darlinsie 3 year old girl, Shenika Vernard 9 year old girl

Haiti trip 781 copy  Haiti trip 741 copy  Haiti trip 747 copy

           Elvie Jean 10 year old boy, Suzeline Voyand 7 year old girl, Gennika 3 year old girl

Haiti trip 789 copy  Haiti trip 791 copy  Haiti trip 796 copy

Wenky Pierre 13 year old boy, Wandacha Pletre 11 year old boy, Haindy Jacques 5 year old boy

Haiti trip 750 copy  Haiti trip 815 copy  Haiti trip 824 copy

Selina Jevow 7 year old gril, Yach-Anneka Dorizar 13 year old boy, Olritch Joseph 6 year old boy

Haiti trip 803 copy  Haiti trip 821 copy  Haiti trip 775

         Kerry Paul 6 year old boy, Ismael Etienne 8 year old boy, Esperancia Etienne 7 year old girl

Haiti trip 678 copy  Haiti trip 684 copy  Haiti trip 765

     Twins!!!  Phanesky 1 year old boy, Phanedia 1 year old girl, and Claudine Ovil 10 year old girl

Saturday, October 1, 2011

2012 Trip Dates Announced!

We are excited to announce our 2012 trip schedule!

This year, our main trip focus will be on the construction of our Children's Home campus in Kalico. Groups will stay busy digging foundations, building perimeter walls, children's cottages, a guest house and dining area - there is so much to be done before we can welcome the children! We will also return to Port-au-Prince to participate in our children, youth and evangelism efforts in the Damien community.

2012 is going to be an incredible year for Alex's House! Please join us by bringing your group to Haiti for a life changing experience - but sign up soon as trip dates are filling up quickly.

January 7-14 (Trip is FULL)
January 14-21
February 9-16
February 19-25
March 11-17 or 18-24
March 31-April 6
April 28-May 5  (Trip is FULL)
May 12-19
May 20-27
July 2-9 (Trip is FULL)
July 21-28

For more information and details click here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spots of Light

(Written by Dr. Mike Runion of City View Baptist in Greenville, SC. Mike and his group were in Haiti July 31-August 6, 2011)

“Spots of Light”

Andy and Carol were the most unlikely couple to interact with. Nothing prepared me for the accent in which they spoke or why the two of them came from England to Haiti. Come to think of it, why was I there? Walls Guest house is not the Ritz Carlton. Really, who stays at a Hotel (Guest House) without hot water? At least we were serving Jesus! That seemed logical to me. We had a reason, if you will, from the highest authority —“Go and make disciples of all nations.” Sacrifice seems very rational when it is Christ who says “Go.” I was deeply curious and I must say I liked talking to this couple with their unique accent from England.
In this conversation God reminded me why I was in Haiti sharing Christ. Keep in mind, Andy and Carol were not there from a church, nor were they sent by a Christian organization. They had no religious epiphany or calling. They were admittedly two people who simply wanted to help other people who were less fortunate. Hearing of the cholera outbreak in Haiti they decided to bring in medical supplies to the villages affected by the disease along with sizable donations from constituents in order to help bring healing. That’s it! No agenda other than a humanitarian work to help fellow man. Not even a call from Jesus.
As they sipped their drinks it occurred to me that we obviously had two separate motives, however similar the outcome — to help others. Then the question came I thought they might ask, “What brings you to Haiti?” Understand, we did not bring in tons of medicine nor did we bring in tens of thousands of dollars as they did. I was already mulling over what I might say so that my cause would sound just as important and impressive as theirs. I decided however, just to throw it out there and see what happened. “We are here because Christ has command us to go into all the world and share the good news of the gospel. We are working in two orphanages this week bringing only a small amount of money a lot of love and we are conducting evangelistic services each night to share the love of Christ. In addition, we are going house to house to pray and share the love of Christ with whom we can.” Not even an awkward pause followed. Before I could finish both of them were pressed to the edge of their seat almost impatient to speak. Carol began, “Thank God for what you are doing. Everywhere we go in Haiti we see a marked difference anywhere you and other Christians have been. This is a dark place and everywhere we go we can tell if you have been through a place because there is a ‘Spot of Light’ there. We find ‘Spots of Light’ everywhere we go. Thank you for what you do — you indeed are making a difference in a dark place.” Andy agreed and thanked us for our efforts. I felt as if I had received an accommodation by the Queen of England herself by the time we were through.
Wow! I was taken back a bit by two people from England who had noticed something that I had missed. Indeed, we were making a difference. I know this but it sometimes just takes someone saying it so I can get it! Sometimes while working with the details I fail to see the larger picture. The work God is doing is so much greater than the level we live on individually.
I walked away thrilled having talked to Andy and Carol. Their observation was priceless to me. Not from a missionary, preacher, or churchy perspective but from two people I had not met before whom I did not know who may have or may not have shared the same convictions or faith. However, from their perspective, they shared a heart of gratitude for what a team of missionaries from South Carolina were doing in Haiti - being “Spots of Light!” 
Even when stumbled onto accidentally, it is rewarding to discover that in some ways you and I are being what Christ said we are in Matthew 5:14-16,  “You are the light of the world . . . let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”  May God indeed be glorified!
Thank you Bill Howard for your vision and obedience to God. You are in every way being a “spot of light” in a spiritually darkened place. In addition, our lives have been made much brighter because of your friendship and fellowship in the kingdom work. Know that God is glorified mightily through your life.

Be blessed,

Pastor Mike Runion (green shirt) prays with Bill Howard, Andrew Owen and Patrick Georges while in Haiti.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

We've Got Land!

With gratefulness to God, we are happy to announce that Alex’s House has purchased a parcel of land that is ½ acre, fully walled in with water and has a small house!  We are also in negotiations to purchase an additional acre directly behind this parcel. We have been looking for land for over a year, and even though we have looked in several areas, the Lord always seemed to bring us back to the Kalico area. This area is beautiful and even includes an ocean view!

We are presently plotting out the land for the location of the dining area and children's cottages.  The campus will include 4-6 children's cottages, dining/ worship area, playground, guest housing and possibly a school for both our children and community children. Construction is set to start by years end.

This new land will allow us to raise our children in a family atmosphere with approximately six children per cottage.  Each cottage will have house parents who will be responsible for the children’s daily care.

All of our children receive a solid spiritual, educational and vocational foundation. Our goal is to raise up a generation of radical followers of Christ.  With the strength of their upbringing and the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, we expect to see our young people leave our care fully equipped and prepared to make a difference in Haiti and in the Kingdom of God.
Thank you for being such incredible witnesses of Jesus’ love to our children.  Your visits, prayers, financial support and faith are changing their lives.  And the beauty is, if you’re like me, your life is being changed as well.

“for the least of these…..”


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Haiti Ruined My Life - by A.J. Zielstra. Jr.

The following entry was originally posted by A.J. Zielstra. Jr. on his personal blog.
A.J. is a recent graduate of Clemson University - he went to Haiti for the first time in May. It changed his life.

Because everything I see makes me think of something else.
Right now I’m sitting on the porch of my apartment, the rain kisses my feet and, like so many other things do, it reminds me of the most redemptive ten days of my life. Don’t ever go to Haiti if you don’t want your life to change.

My bike is locked to the fence in front of me, my laptop is on my legs, my ipod sings in my ears, and my blackberry buzzes in my pocket. Isn’t that disgusting? A cup of coffee steams by my side and the smoke from a clove is dancing it’s way up to the clouds that are emptying themselves of water and pent up electricity as fast as they can.

Last week in Haiti 23 people died in floods because they live in tent cities on the sides of hills. My girlfriend Kathryn told me that she showed grown men how slinkies and etch-a-sketches work. You and I live in a world that some people literally cannot imagine.
I’ve wanted to write about my trip ever since I got back, but I just can’t figure out where to begin. Maybe I can just tell you some stories.

Bouncing around in a large white truck, two dozen large white people watched as a city sprinted past our eyes, not giving us the time to process the things we were seeing. It seemed to me as though the people in Port au Prince had built a beautiful city and then one day woke up and forgot how to live in it. Buildings stood unused while people set up markets on the narrow sidewalks, keeping their backs to the buildings as though they were just returning the cold shoulder the crumbling buildings had given them. The Haitians looked up at us as we passed and greeted us with brilliant smiles, waving their welcome. Children shouted “blan!” as we passed, giving voice to the thought that if we are honest was below the surface for much of our time. “We are the only white people here.” The Haitians are blessed not to have the racial tensions that we still have to deal with here in the states, so in a country populated almost exclusively by blacks, whites are rarities, nothing more sinister.

We made our way away from the city and in the outskirts we found that there was an orphanage nearby, so we decided we’d stop by, the people at the orphanage receiving no heads up. Climbing down from our truck we started walking down a street that was flooded with stagnant water, a lime-green liquid highway. We picked our way from rock to rock as a dignified Haitian lady came from the other direction, kicked off her shoes, hiked up her dress and forded the standing river. I felt a little bit silly.

We made it to the orphanage and walked in through a gate made of sheet metal, and were greeted by sixteen beautiful children. These kids who had no idea who we were or why we were there rushed to us with open arms and puckered lips. They wanted to be held, to touch our hair and skin. It was large scale love at first sight. The man who started the orphanage welcomed us into their home, a look of profound gratitude on his face, before we even had the chance to tell him who we were.

You have to know that my keyboard is now misted with tears as I recall this scene for you. The founder told us that after the earthquake he, his wife, and son, saw that the only thing for them to do was to provide for the children living on the streets with no place to go. So this man, this hero, built a house with his own two hands so that the kids in his neighborhood could have a place to live. Meanwhile he lives in a tent in the front yard. The craziest thing about it is he would never consider himself a hero. People were in need, he had to do something. That to him is no great act, but simply part of what God calls all those who know him to do.

Now that I’ve gotten started I could write forever, so maybe I’ll have to pace myself.
I’ll end for now with this thought. Don’t feel guilty for the things that you have, I know that we work hard for them. Let’s just realize that it’s a bunch of bullshit compared to the things that God has prepared for us if we would just let go of the things that we are clinging to and open up our hands so that he can take them in his.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Welsh and Pleasant View Baptist Join the Alex's House Family

We are happy to welcome two new partnering churches: Welsh Baptist Church in Frostburg, MD (Pastor Thomas Winborn) and Pleasant View Baptist Church in Oakland, MD (Pastor Wally Weeks).

Pastor Thomas passing out shoes to Alex's House Children

Pastor Wally with Lougens of Alex's House
Both Welsh Baptist and Pleasant View Baptist were introduced to Alex’s House and Bill Howard through Sam and Delores York while on mission trips to Haiti.
The more they heard and saw about the vision of Alex’s House, the more they knew their churches would be a wonderful fit with Alex’s House.

Several members from each church have made trips to Haiti. Both Pastor Thomas and Pastor Wally have each been to Haiti on several occasions. Visiting the orphanage in Bon Repos solidified for Pastor Thomas that it can appear to be an overwhelming task with so many needy children in Haiti, but even with that hopeless feeling, there was an avenue available to make a difference and that avenue was Alex’s House. For Pastor Wally, one defining moment while in Haiti was the connection Bill made with an orphan boy who hitched a ride on the bumper of their truck. Bill gave him a snack, some money for food, as well as encouragement, but left with a broken heart because Alex’s House didn’t have room for another child.

Pastor Thomas expressed that Welsh Baptist Church’s hope is to help its members see that all are created to reflect the image of God and sin is just a perversion of that. As Christians attempt to walk closer to God and grow to reflect Christ more, a big part of that is taking care of those in need and those who can’t help themselves. By partnering with Alex’s House and traveling to Haiti, he hopes the members will reflect Christ's love and see that the church is bigger than themselves. As Pastor Thomas explained, “No matter how much you help with money and going down, it all comes down to those kids having the hope and mercy and grace that never leaves them. We hope to be a small part of their lives – to help them learn God’s love and to reflect long term change in the country of Haiti.”

Pastor Wally already sees the connection Pleasant View is making with Alex’s House – through praying for the ministry, workers and children. As they continue to be  financially blessed, they plan to give liberally to Alex’s House. He looks forward to his church visiting and serving where God enables. It is their prayer that God expands the ministry, and that as children are brought in, they would come to faith in Christ and be discipled in His word.

Members of both Pleasant View and Welsh churches are presently on the ground in Haiti being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bill Howard to lead Alex’s House Full Time

It’s hard to believe, but Jennifer and I came to Willlow Ridge Church twenty one years ago.  We were thirty then – only one year out of our twenties! My - how time flies.

A couple of decades later, we look back and praise God for the wonderful way He has blessed our church. To name just a few of the highlights, we were the first church in S.C. to survive and thrive a total church transition, and since have inspired many other congregations to follow. We changed our name from Agape Baptist to Willow Ridge Church; moved from a little plot of land to a beautiful 31 acre campus with wonderful facilities. We have become passionate about reaching our community and world for Jesus, starting one of the areas first Hispanic congregations and now passionately taking the gospel and love of Jesus to Haiti.  Through the years we have seen close to 1,000 people accept Jesus and follow Him in baptism and have seen our congregation greatly grow in their spiritual maturity and commitment to the Great Commission.

This commitment was seen clearly on June 12, 2011 when Willow Ridge commissioned Jennifer and I as missionaries to Haiti.  It’s not often that a congregation sends one of their members full time into the mission field, but special indeed when they send their Senior Pastor.

Jennifer and I are excited about what God has done in the past, yet even more excited about what He will do in the future through Alex’s House Orphanage. 

Please pray for us, that we would be bold, courageous and completely obedient in our surrender to the Lord.  Please pray for the homeless children of Haiti. Pray that God would use us to change the direction of their lives.  Pray that the financial needs of the ministry would be met. Pray that the funds would come in for the land and facilities to house the children. And right now – please pray that God would direct us to the property He wishes us to have. (This has been a challenge, but I know He will direct us to the right property in His time).

Also, please pray for our family as we adjust to this new journey of faith.  Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy. Stepping out of your comfort zone to work in Haiti – that’s another thing all together.

Thank you for your support, your love, your friendship and your prayers. I look forward to the next 21 years of ministry with you!

Let’s change the world! (Mt. 28:19)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Haiti’s Children Captured My Heart

My name is Monica. I’m the Sponsorship Director for Alex’s House and have just returned from my first trip to Haiti.  Need I say - it was a life-changing experience.

As Sponsorship Director, I have been seeing the photos of “our” children for nearly a year. To finally be able to meet each of them brought tears of joy.

Bible School for the neighborhood’s teenagers was our mission project for the week. We had curious and eager teens from 6-20 years old. Did you notice the age span for “teens”? That’s the way it is in Haiti. Children of all ages are eager to see what’s going on when strangers come. We began with music for everyone. I quickly learned that Haitians really like music! After three or four songs, the “under-teen” children were dismissed – but with the good news of a Bible School coming for them in June.

Sixty teenagers were then divided into two groups for Bible lessons, crafts and games.  You should have seen their delight and heard their laughter and shrieks when we played water balloon games! It was pure joy and excitement!

Another ministry point was located down a flooded road in a little concrete, mosquito infested house. It was the orphanage of Dorsainvil and Johanne Vernette. This loving couple took in 15 children who were left homeless after the earthquake, in addition to their own 4-year-old son. 

The Vernettes live outside in a tent so the children can sleep in the small house.                    
On Sunday after worship at Alex's House, our children opened some very belated Christmas gifts. Wow! Talk about fun to watch! It was just like Christmas morning in the US!  Children are children, no matter their nationality. We played, sang, laughed, tickled, blew bubbles – you name it, we probably did it!

Nine days flew by and before I knew it our day of departure was upon us.
Before the trip, there were so many “things” in my life that I thought I needed. Now - my eyes have been opened.  Yes, I’m thankful for the blessings of God, yet I now pray not for things – but for the deliverance from “things.”

One night during our devotion time, Sam, one of our college students said, “You can’t un-see the things you have seen.” How profound. Believe me, folks, there are no words to describe what one sees and feels in Haiti. It can only be experienced. I recommend you come. It will be a life-changing experience, I promise.

To the children of Haiti – you captured my heart. Bondye benni ou! God bless you! I WILL RETURN!

Serving with you,