Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to Families Outreach!

We are happy to welcome Families Outreach ( of Jonesboro, Arkansas as a new partnering… organization! Yes, we usually add partnering churches, but we love mixing things up – remember that your group doesn’t have to be a church to partner with Alex’s House Orphanage!

Families Outreach has been in existence for a little over a year and their platform is simple – bring hope to the fatherless. Their approach is threefold: assisting adoptive couples through adoption grants (both for domestic and for international adoption), developing active partnerships with orphan care providers and mobilizing the Church to become adoption/orphan advocates.

Families Outreach had a desire to partner with an indigenous group ministering to the orphans in their own community. Several years ago, the director Jon Morgan visited Bon Repos during a mission trip to Haiti.   Through that trip he met people who were connected to Alex’s House. As Families Outreach began searching out partnerships, Alex’s House kept coming back to the forefront of discussions. A month ago, they felt very strongly that God was leading them to Haiti and, more specifically, leading them to Alex’s House. One reason they decided to partner with Alex’s House was how impressed Families Outreach is with the leadership of Alex’s House. As Kendall Moss, Director of Public Relations, stated, “Everything that we have seen – how they care for the children and what they are providing – has pure intentions. We wanted to come along and help.”

On a trip to Haiti in December 2010, Kendall was struck by the amazing spirit of the Haitian people. “We would be talking to them in tin huts and they would want to thank the Lord for what they had.”

Kendall expressed a hope to see people in their community become more involved with both Families Outreach and Alex’s House through this partnership. Even though Families Outreach has only two employees, they have a wide reach in the community through different groups and church families. Families Outreach is raising the support money with the intention of creating a feeling of ownership between the givers and Alex’s House – not only by giving money, but by actually going to Haiti and serving on the ground. They hope to see people excited about getting involved; people who have never been on the mission field before getting connected through Alex’s House.

Families Outreach can’t wait to get on the ground and continue work with Alex’s House. “Everyone we have talked to has been so excited.” We at Alex’s House are also excited to be partnering with Families Outreach and we are looking forward to what God has in store for the future.

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