Monday, January 9, 2012

Construction Update - Meci Jezi!

We are so thankful for a great week of construction so far at our new property in Kalico!
A funny side note - some of the men in the group discovered if you go out in the field and stand below a cell tower, you can get a weak signal.... not strong enough to send pictures via their phones, but enough to at least send out an email or two.

Update from January 8:
Marc Proctor, Tim Depriest, Michael Brewer, Rick Mann + 12 Haitian brothers did an incredible job. We've completely poured the footers for two cottages and have the dining area planned out and staked.
(Others have since joined the construction group)

Update from January 9:
Wow! It is so exciting to see the cottages going up and knowing what a wonderful home for our children is in the making! Our goal is to have both cottages ready to pour the slab (floor) by the end of the week!
This place is so beautiful, so safe, so friendly - such a wonderful place to raise children. 

We also thank God for Tori Weeks who is spending 2 weeks in Haiti going between Alex's House spending time with the kids and up in Kalico at the building site. Tori will give us a report of her time in Haiti in the coming weeks.

Here are some pictures Bill sent ... and one from Tori Weeks that she let me copy off her Facebook page.

Boss George (Jimmy & Patrick's father) and Tori Weeks

The cottages are starting to take shape!

Hard at work pouring the footers for the cottages

Marc Proctor and Michael Brewer of Willow Ridge Church
staking out the Dining Area

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  1. Bill, this is so exciting. God is doing amazing things! Can't wait to see all He is going to continue to do.