Monday, December 9, 2013

Big News From Two Of Our Dearest Friends!

Please read the following announcement from our dear friend Amy Hobbs:

 Hello everyone! This may be one of the hardest updates I've ever written, but I wanted to inform everyone of my decision at the same time. You are each a vital part of Alex's House and give so much of your time and energy to our children -- whether in the US or on the field in Haiti.  

Unfortunately, I no longer have a peace about serving at Alex's House's Mission Director.  Every since my trip in September, I have struggled and prayed over this "lack of peace" hoping that the Lord would provide the peace needed to continue. However, He has not granted the peace. 
Instead, He has affirmed my decision to resign through numerous avenues. For me to continue as AH Missions Director would be to disobey further especially since He has made it so clear.

Words cannot describe how much I love Alex's House! There is so much of Alex's House in my home that there is not a day that passes that I'm not reminded of my loved ones in Haiti!   I have learned so much through Haiti, the children and the Alex's House ministry.  The road has been difficult but the sacrifice as been worth every minute! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside of each of you, and have learned so much from each of you --- what a blessing! Thank you for your patience and continued love . . . despite Haiti exposing the "uglies of my heart"! I'm a better follower of Christ having served with Alex's House, but still have a long way to go!  

Bill, I'll be happy to serve and provide guidance for the January teams in order to help in the transition and tie up any loose ends that are needed by you and/or Alex's House staff.  Monica, our family still plans to sponsor Willie, and we look forward to updates on him and the other children!  Perhaps, I can join a team every once in awhile to see the children! Well, the floodgates have opened, so I need to grab some tissue.  

                  Love to each of you!! May the Lord continue to bless Alex's House!

In response to Amy’s decision, our founder Bill Howard wrote:

Amy - you have been a tremendous blessing to Alex's House and a great support to me.  You came on at a crucial time and provided a great foundation for our mission ministry.  Thank you for your professionalism, your friendship and the untold hours of ministry you provided - all out of the goodness of your heart and from the overflow of your love for Jesus.  You will always be a part of Alex's House and we are forever grateful for the time the Lord allowed us to serve together.  

We will pray for you as you follow the Lord in the future He is unfolding. We know that you will continue to serve Him with passion - wherever He may lead.  

God bless you friend!  

Everyone, please join us in saying thank you to Amy from the wonderful two years of ministry she gave us.  She will always have a special place in our hearts and we look forward to our continued friendship.

In other exciting news – let’s also thank the Lord or providing Amy’s replacement!

We have just recently become aware that IBESR (Haiti’s governing body for orphanages) does not allow a non-Haitian to serve as a house parent.  Therefore, we were looking for other avenues of ministry for Kendall Moss.

In addition to leading our School Partnership Program, Kendall has agreed step in and fill the position of Missions Director.  Due to the solid groundwork provided by Amy Hobbs, we will now have an even more streamlined service for our future mission teams.  Once a church/group contacts Alex’s House for a possible trip, Kendall will be the one person to schedule the trip, answer all their questions, meet the group at the airport, settle them into the York House, take them on their daily mission projects, and then deliver them safe and sound back to the airport for their departing flight!  It will be a very smooth process for our supporting groups. 

Kendall is very qualified to serve in this capacity.  Before coming to Alex’s House in July of this year, she worked for Families Outreach as the Director of Public Relations.  Families Outreach partners with orphanages in Haiti, South Africa, Ethiopia and China.  Part of her responsibilities included planning and leading teams to these countries.  Since 2009 she has led/traveled on teams to Kenya, Thailand, the Philippines, Haiti, Zambia, Uganda and South Africa.

Welcome Kendall!  We look forward to you serving in this capacity!

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