Thursday, November 28, 2013

32 Kids of Thankfulness

If you are on social media at all during the month of November,  you have surely seen an overload of thankful posts, tweets, photos, etc.  We thought we'd join in so here is Alex's House spin on #31daysofthankfulness with our 32 Children of Thanks.  Enjoy!

Each kids was asked "What do you say thank you to Jesus for?".  Here are the responses we received:

"My birthday because we got to eat cookies," Job. Vander said, "for eating cookies at Job's birthday party."  Birthday parties leave a big impression around here!

Many more are thankful for school, lessons, learning and homework. Their thankfulness for learning makes you stop and think what's really important.  (Not a one mentioned toys!)
Louis Pierre my mind that helps me learn at school
Estemania for a head that let's me do good homework
Jeff because I can learn
Mike because Jesus let's me go to school
Mitchina because I can know my lessons
Jerry I am thankful Jesus sent me to school and brought me back home after having a good day.
Dawens for my school.  He gave me a head to learn.
Wilkens because you gave me a mind to learn with
Remy Thank you Jesus for school.
Rosemitha Thank you Jesus for my lessons.
Micky because I can go to school
Diaca because I can do work.  Thank you Jesus for everything you do for me.
Woody Thank you Jesus I can go to school.
Nadege because you give me everything.  You make it so that I can go to school.

Many are thankful for school...and FOOD!
Renel for school and for food
Zachary food, because he gives me and all the kids here food.
Lougens for the food you gave me and for Jesus
Wawens for the food you give me
Jenny for the food you give me and my school
Pierre my school and food
Sterline  for lessons and homework and for food
Widna food, FOOD, FOOD!
Carline Thank you Jesus because I have food.  Thank you Jesus because I can go to school.

Of course the youngest in our family have cute answers.  The are short and sweet, but from the heart!
Kindy for my whole family here
Wislove for my hat
Brenkley for singing
Willie for juice

A few of the older kids gave answers that were in a category of their own! 
Jersey for school and books and sunshine and my house
Yveline because he sends me to school, he lets me play, and he lets me know my lesson and do homework
Ephesien because he gives the missionaries money so that they can send us to school(Mama Kendall teared up as I wrote this one down.  Without a missed beat this was his first response.  YOU make a difference every day in the life our children!)

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