Monday, October 7, 2013

Twas the night before Back to School

Last night at Alex’s House was like the equivalent of Christmas Eve.  Instead of stockings, we had new school uniforms laid out.

And in place of neatly wrapped presents, we had fresh backpacks and shiny new shoes.

Our morning started extra early today.  Everyone needed an extra slab of lotion, a spritz of spray and an extra comb of the hair.

By 6:45 all the children were in the dining hall eating their oatmeal.  Some were so excited for school, they could barely finish their breakfast.

At 7:05, we gathered to sing praises, thank The Lord and pray His blessings on our day.

With backpacks in place,

socks neatly folded over,

and new hairbows tightly fastened;

it’s time to load the bus!

Pray today as our children take light into darkness.  Haiti is a dark place, but Alex’s House is raising up disciples who can change this country.


  1. nice post...thanks for sharing..children education is most important .every child should be educated .

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  2. You are part of such an amazing ministry! I hope every kid feels loved and smart at school this year!