Friday, August 24, 2012

Alex's House honkers down at the Yorkhouse to weather Storm Isaac!

As Storm Isaac heads towards Haiti today, Bill is on his way to Port-au-Prince to gather our children and take them to Kalico to weather tonight's storm. Our children will be staying in our new guesthouse property (a/k/a the Yorkhouse), where we sense they will be offered the greatest protection from tonight's storm. It will be a long night for our staff and children, so pray that God wraps a mighty army of angels around them and the Yorkhouse!

Our prayer is for the Lord to protect Haiti as the winds blow and the rains fall.  We trust God will use this storm to draw Haiti closer to Him.  We continue to pray for existing roofs to stay attached; the tarps to be stronger than we can imagine for those still living in tents; minimal to no flooding; the mud to stay put without sliding, and for the cholera to be contained.

We lift our voices in praise and cry out in prayer today . . . may He draw each one of us closer to Him today as we enter His presence to pray for our loved ones in Haiti.

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