Monday, March 12, 2012

We Have A Bus!

Praise the Lord for His protection!!
On Saturday, Jimmy and Patrick returned safely from a trip to the Dominican Republic where they picked up our bus.  On the journey home, the southern boarder was closed due to rioting, so they had to extend their travel by a days journey and travel to the northern boarder crossing in Dajabon. 

Along the journey they suffered corrupt bureaucracy at the boarder, were robbed at knife point and had to navigate several street riots. Praise the Lord that through all this, He kept them safe. 

One of the greatest ironies of this journey is that the machete wielding thug that robbed them - once he had taken their money - jumped on the bus and escorted them through two other areas where the streets were blocked... because "he didn't want them to be robbed again."  Praise  the Lord for a "sympathetic" criminal.   

Thank you again to Pleasant View Baptist in Oakland, MD for donating funds for our bus.  This will be a great blessing to our groups as we travel. And praise the Lord for His protection.


  1. Praise God indeed! I am so grateful to God for protecting Jimmy and Alex and for the new bus! I am praying for the man who robbed them and for their continued protection as they continue to serve in Alex's House.

  2. I am so grateful to God that Jimmy and Patrick are safe! Praise God! I am praying today for the man who robbed them and for his circumstances (whatever they may be). Also I am thrilled to hear of a new bus. I know that this is a huge blessing.