Thursday, September 1, 2011

We've Got Land!

With gratefulness to God, we are happy to announce that Alex’s House has purchased a parcel of land that is ½ acre, fully walled in with water and has a small house!  We are also in negotiations to purchase an additional acre directly behind this parcel. We have been looking for land for over a year, and even though we have looked in several areas, the Lord always seemed to bring us back to the Kalico area. This area is beautiful and even includes an ocean view!

We are presently plotting out the land for the location of the dining area and children's cottages.  The campus will include 4-6 children's cottages, dining/ worship area, playground, guest housing and possibly a school for both our children and community children. Construction is set to start by years end.

This new land will allow us to raise our children in a family atmosphere with approximately six children per cottage.  Each cottage will have house parents who will be responsible for the children’s daily care.

All of our children receive a solid spiritual, educational and vocational foundation. Our goal is to raise up a generation of radical followers of Christ.  With the strength of their upbringing and the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, we expect to see our young people leave our care fully equipped and prepared to make a difference in Haiti and in the Kingdom of God.
Thank you for being such incredible witnesses of Jesus’ love to our children.  Your visits, prayers, financial support and faith are changing their lives.  And the beauty is, if you’re like me, your life is being changed as well.

“for the least of these…..”


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