Monday, August 8, 2011

Welsh and Pleasant View Baptist Join the Alex's House Family

We are happy to welcome two new partnering churches: Welsh Baptist Church in Frostburg, MD (Pastor Thomas Winborn) and Pleasant View Baptist Church in Oakland, MD (Pastor Wally Weeks).

Pastor Thomas passing out shoes to Alex's House Children

Pastor Wally with Lougens of Alex's House
Both Welsh Baptist and Pleasant View Baptist were introduced to Alex’s House and Bill Howard through Sam and Delores York while on mission trips to Haiti.
The more they heard and saw about the vision of Alex’s House, the more they knew their churches would be a wonderful fit with Alex’s House.

Several members from each church have made trips to Haiti. Both Pastor Thomas and Pastor Wally have each been to Haiti on several occasions. Visiting the orphanage in Bon Repos solidified for Pastor Thomas that it can appear to be an overwhelming task with so many needy children in Haiti, but even with that hopeless feeling, there was an avenue available to make a difference and that avenue was Alex’s House. For Pastor Wally, one defining moment while in Haiti was the connection Bill made with an orphan boy who hitched a ride on the bumper of their truck. Bill gave him a snack, some money for food, as well as encouragement, but left with a broken heart because Alex’s House didn’t have room for another child.

Pastor Thomas expressed that Welsh Baptist Church’s hope is to help its members see that all are created to reflect the image of God and sin is just a perversion of that. As Christians attempt to walk closer to God and grow to reflect Christ more, a big part of that is taking care of those in need and those who can’t help themselves. By partnering with Alex’s House and traveling to Haiti, he hopes the members will reflect Christ's love and see that the church is bigger than themselves. As Pastor Thomas explained, “No matter how much you help with money and going down, it all comes down to those kids having the hope and mercy and grace that never leaves them. We hope to be a small part of their lives – to help them learn God’s love and to reflect long term change in the country of Haiti.”

Pastor Wally already sees the connection Pleasant View is making with Alex’s House – through praying for the ministry, workers and children. As they continue to be  financially blessed, they plan to give liberally to Alex’s House. He looks forward to his church visiting and serving where God enables. It is their prayer that God expands the ministry, and that as children are brought in, they would come to faith in Christ and be discipled in His word.

Members of both Pleasant View and Welsh churches are presently on the ground in Haiti being the hands and feet of Jesus.

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