Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Haiti’s Children Captured My Heart

My name is Monica. I’m the Sponsorship Director for Alex’s House and have just returned from my first trip to Haiti.  Need I say - it was a life-changing experience.

As Sponsorship Director, I have been seeing the photos of “our” children for nearly a year. To finally be able to meet each of them brought tears of joy.

Bible School for the neighborhood’s teenagers was our mission project for the week. We had curious and eager teens from 6-20 years old. Did you notice the age span for “teens”? That’s the way it is in Haiti. Children of all ages are eager to see what’s going on when strangers come. We began with music for everyone. I quickly learned that Haitians really like music! After three or four songs, the “under-teen” children were dismissed – but with the good news of a Bible School coming for them in June.

Sixty teenagers were then divided into two groups for Bible lessons, crafts and games.  You should have seen their delight and heard their laughter and shrieks when we played water balloon games! It was pure joy and excitement!

Another ministry point was located down a flooded road in a little concrete, mosquito infested house. It was the orphanage of Dorsainvil and Johanne Vernette. This loving couple took in 15 children who were left homeless after the earthquake, in addition to their own 4-year-old son. 

The Vernettes live outside in a tent so the children can sleep in the small house.                    
On Sunday after worship at Alex's House, our children opened some very belated Christmas gifts. Wow! Talk about fun to watch! It was just like Christmas morning in the US!  Children are children, no matter their nationality. We played, sang, laughed, tickled, blew bubbles – you name it, we probably did it!

Nine days flew by and before I knew it our day of departure was upon us.
Before the trip, there were so many “things” in my life that I thought I needed. Now - my eyes have been opened.  Yes, I’m thankful for the blessings of God, yet I now pray not for things – but for the deliverance from “things.”

One night during our devotion time, Sam, one of our college students said, “You can’t un-see the things you have seen.” How profound. Believe me, folks, there are no words to describe what one sees and feels in Haiti. It can only be experienced. I recommend you come. It will be a life-changing experience, I promise.

To the children of Haiti – you captured my heart. Bondye benni ou! God bless you! I WILL RETURN!

Serving with you,



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