Monday, June 20, 2011

Bill Howard to lead Alex’s House Full Time

It’s hard to believe, but Jennifer and I came to Willlow Ridge Church twenty one years ago.  We were thirty then – only one year out of our twenties! My - how time flies.

A couple of decades later, we look back and praise God for the wonderful way He has blessed our church. To name just a few of the highlights, we were the first church in S.C. to survive and thrive a total church transition, and since have inspired many other congregations to follow. We changed our name from Agape Baptist to Willow Ridge Church; moved from a little plot of land to a beautiful 31 acre campus with wonderful facilities. We have become passionate about reaching our community and world for Jesus, starting one of the areas first Hispanic congregations and now passionately taking the gospel and love of Jesus to Haiti.  Through the years we have seen close to 1,000 people accept Jesus and follow Him in baptism and have seen our congregation greatly grow in their spiritual maturity and commitment to the Great Commission.

This commitment was seen clearly on June 12, 2011 when Willow Ridge commissioned Jennifer and I as missionaries to Haiti.  It’s not often that a congregation sends one of their members full time into the mission field, but special indeed when they send their Senior Pastor.

Jennifer and I are excited about what God has done in the past, yet even more excited about what He will do in the future through Alex’s House Orphanage. 

Please pray for us, that we would be bold, courageous and completely obedient in our surrender to the Lord.  Please pray for the homeless children of Haiti. Pray that God would use us to change the direction of their lives.  Pray that the financial needs of the ministry would be met. Pray that the funds would come in for the land and facilities to house the children. And right now – please pray that God would direct us to the property He wishes us to have. (This has been a challenge, but I know He will direct us to the right property in His time).

Also, please pray for our family as we adjust to this new journey of faith.  Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy. Stepping out of your comfort zone to work in Haiti – that’s another thing all together.

Thank you for your support, your love, your friendship and your prayers. I look forward to the next 21 years of ministry with you!

Let’s change the world! (Mt. 28:19)



  1. We were so blessed to be at Willow Ridge Church for your commissioning service! And we are privileged to help with your support. God bless you both as you follow God's will in your lives.
    Sincerely, Millard and Sue Burke

  2. Thanks "Sis!" I greatly appreciate your prayers, support and friendship!