Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas at Alex's House!

What a wonderful day we had celebrating Christmas at Alex's House!  Wes and I were able to make a last minute trip and enjoyed our time with the children and staff.  The day opened with a good time of worship led by Jimmy and Robinson.  I read the Christmas story to the children from one of the new Christmas books from our library.

For our Christmas meal I made my now "world" famous potato soup (it's now enjoyed in two countries).  Since they are use to a rather bland diet (rice and beans), I was a bit concerned the soup would be too rich for their taste.  However it was enjoyed by all, with everyone coming back for seconds and thirds.  I had no idea little kids could eat that much!

The next couple of hours was actually a bit of a let down.  Wes and I were expecting the children to be excited and anxiously waiting to open presents.  It was clear that our Haiti children have no concept of getting presents and no reason to feel the excitement our children feel.

Yet as word spread about presents,
the calm changed to excitement and laughter as they received their very own pair of pajamas!  How excited they were!  They all rushed to put them on and pranced around the house in their cozy pajamas - in the 90 degree heat!

Their faces were aglow with gratitude and thankfulness.  They quickly ran out to the gate where they could show off their new clothes to those passing by.

I received a special gift as well, as Wes, Jimmy, and Patrick gave me a Creole Bible, each writing a special note inside the cover.  The gift became even more special as it mysteriously "disappeared" until a few days later when Wes and I celebrated Christmas with Jenn, Daniel and Graham.  Again I got to unwrap my Bible and found that Daniel and Graham had written a special note inside as well.  This is truly a treasure.

This has been a wonderful Christmas for Alex's House.  I hope it has been a wonderful Christmas for you.  Thank you for your generosity, your prayers and your love for these children.  Their lives are truly being changed.

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