Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Tradition

Every family has their own holiday traditions and that's no different with Alex's House!  We hope you'll enjoy  a few of our traditions as you spend the day honoring your's with your families today. 

We have a tree that we decorate in our dining hall.  (This year it was decorated the day after Thanksgiving because that's when Mama Kendall always put her tree up with her family!)

 The children made ornaments and paper chains to hang on the tree.

Our sponsor's come and bring presents for the children.  LOTS of presents!

Everyone gets their very own Christmas present picked especially for them by their sponsor!

We've got baby dolls, skateboards, games and soccer balls galore!

And just as any time we receive gifts, we take time to thank our sponsors with handwritten thank you notes!

Thank you for your love and support this year! So from Our Family at Alex's House to you and yours:

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  1. It is a fine time of year to make that trip to Haiti. And extremely rewarding, to say the least!