Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Raise & Rescue 2014

Hello Family and Friends of Alex's House!

I pray that you've had a wonderful year and are anticipating a wonderful holiday season. This is the time of entering into a season of Thanksgiving for the blessings our Lord has given us. Then we move into the season where we thank Him for the greatest blessing of all - sending Jesus into the world as our Savior. Praise the Lord! I'm grateful and I'm blessed!

During this season, I'm asking that you would make a financial gift to be a blessing to our children at Alex's House. We are in our second annual Rescue and Raise campaign and are asking everyone who loves Alex's House to make an end of the year donation to provide for our children in 2014.
My goal is to have 500 people who will stand with us and make a generous donation. I know this is a ridiculous goal as it would take nearly everyone making a gift. Yet - I know that God is faithful and I know that you love the children of Alex's House.

So - please help. Click the Golden Button below and read about the wonderful things going on at Alex's House. Then give from the blessings the Lord has given you. Let's be faithful to the vision the Lord has given us of rescuing and raising our children to be radical followers of Jesus!

Thank you friends! I love you and I'm so grateful for your support.

"......for the least of these." Mt. 25:40

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