Thursday, August 1, 2013

Heaven welcomes our beloved Guerda - July 2, 2013

A month has passed, but our love for Guerda has grown even deeper as we have reflected on the legacy of Christ she left behind! On July 2, 2013, our dear friend and cook, Guerda, suddenly passed early in the morning. She wasn't feeling well, so Jimmy took her to the hospital. However, she did not make it. The doctors indicated that she had a stroke. Her last words were spoken praising the Lord and translated into "Jesus' blood is alive!!" 

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the children about Guerda and what they missed most about her.  Several of the children spoke of her big, contagious smile, but most of them talked about how she read the Bible to them and prayed with them every day!  Personally, I miss the way she danced around the kitchen, with her hands lifted high, as she cooked praising her Lord as if He was standing before her.  What a blessing she was to us!

For all those who know Guerda, she exemplified Christ to our children and our teams in how she loved us, served us and laughed with us. She was part of our family, and words can not describe the loss our hearts have felt over the past month. Please lift up our children and staff as we continue to miss her dearly.

With the hope that only Christ offers, we rejoice knowing that she is standing before the KING OF ALL KINGS with lifted hands praising and dancing!

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