Monday, April 2, 2012

Three New Little Boys

A few weeks back we were doing a food distribution in a local community around the church where we’ve been worshiping.  One family broke my heart.  They lived in a stick/tarp house on the side of a steep rocky mountain.  The mom was broken - physically and emotionally... several little malnourished children under her feet. 

I prayed for them as I handed them a double portion of rice and beans, then again as I walked down the mountain and sensed the voice of the Holy Spirit.  “Father, do You want us to have these children?  You know our hearts and home are open for those You send to us.  Please speak clearly and help us to hear.”

Turns out the lady wasn’t the mom of all three boys.  Two of them belonged to her 18 year old daughter.  I’m not sure why she had two children at 18, but I’m confident it wasn’t for “love.”  Rape or incest are likely possibilities.

In the coming weeks we would regularly see the daughter (mother of the two) at church or Bible School.  She carried the same hopeless look as her mom.  One child in her lap and one attached to her side.  I didn’t know who to feel more sorry for, her or her little boys.

I continued to pray about having the boys. A couple of days ago I asked Jimmy and Patrick, “What do you think about the 3 little boys on the mountainside?  My heart is broken for them and I’m wondering if God wants us to have them."
They responded “Oh yes, their mom wants us to have them.”
How do you know that?
“Their mom asked us if we could take them a few days ago.”
Really? That would have been a nice bit of information to have shared earlier!  :o)

My heart jumped at hearing that God was already working. The next day we had an appointment and were walking up the mountainside to meet with the moms.  They greeted us with the same hopeless expressions and put out two chairs in the shade of the hut. 

And there they were... three of God’s little children, completely naked.  Their little bodies looked so out of balance - their swollen bellies protruding out over their frames, held up by little boney legs. Their eyes were yellow and dry. 

They walked over and sat on a rough pile of rocks, as if they were bean bag chairs.  They just stared at us……as their moms gave them away. 

Meet Kinsey – he’s 3.

Willie (Kinsey's brother) – he’s 2.

And Uncle Woody - he's 4.

We took them back to Alex’s house - bathed and fed them.
I don’t imagine you’ve ever fed a starving child.  They don’t know when to stop eating.  You have to push the food away from them.

The children of Alex’s House were very gracious as they welcomed home their 3 little brothers. 

Yet, they didn’t quite know what to think.  These were the sickliest little children we’ve ever taken in.  Plus they were intrigued with Woody – he is unique.

It was a big day of first for these three little boys. First time they had ridden in an automobile. First time they had clothes that fit them.  First time they had three meals in a day.  First time they had seen a toilet.  First time then had slept in a bed. First time meeting their new family.  First time being away from the only family they knew.
A lot of firsts.

Please pray for them.  Pray that the hopelessness on their faces would soon fade away and be replaced with joy and smiles and laughter.  Pray that they would soon know peace and security.  Pray that they would feel loved.  And most of all pray that the peace and love of Jesus would fill their hearts so completely that they would grow up to be might men of God – men equipped to lead their families and change their country.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  Your investment in Alex’s House is truly changing lives.

…for the least of these…..


  1. How are the three little boys holding up now? Have they adjusted to their new home and how is their health doing?

  2. They are doing excellent! It took the two youngest ones about 10 days to get some good nourishment in them and start feeling better. Jimmy reports that they are happy, smiling and playing with the other children. Praise the Lord!