Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Heart One Mission

Please welcome One Heart One Mission as our newest partner!

The 19 members of One Heart One Mission (OHOM) encountered Alex’s House while in Haiti. Starting each day worshipping together in different languages – but to the same God – was definitely a highlight for everyone. While in Haiti, the Lord helped form some amazing relationships between the members of OHOM and their Haitian brothers and sisters. Not only did they worship together, they also worked, played and even swam in the ocean together.  As one team member stated, “I could not speak the same language with these children, but sitting in the wheelbarrow and standing in the mud with them did more in my soul than I can explain.”

OHOM realizes there are many organizations that provide for the physical needs of children, but what they encountered at Alex’s House were children who were also having their spiritual needs filled. They learned that Alex’s House was born out of sacrifice, broken hearts, love, compassion and obedience; Alex’s House radiates the love of Christ and puts God’s Word into action. The members of OHOM are eager to continue their partnership with Alex’s House. They look forward to building in Kalico, but more than that, they look forward to being with the children. OHOM is committed to being a part of the lives of the children of Alex’s House – loving them, praying for them, caring for them, sharing God’s Word with them – and in turn helping the generations to come change Haiti’s future. The members of OHOM believe the possibilities are endless with God on our side.

One Heart One Mission from Macon, Georgia was born out of the common desire of a group of people who have the same mission and heart - to share the gospel and to carry out God’s call to care for widows, orphans and “the least of these.”  Amazing things happen when we step out of our comfort zone and let God take control. We are so incredibly blessed they have chosen Alex’s House as a partner.

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