Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hub City Church - New Partnering Church!

We are blessed to welcome Hub City Church of Spartanburg, SC as a Partnering Church!

After speaking with Jonathan Everette, pastor of Hub City Church, about his church and their partnership with Alex’s House, I am so excited to see what amazing transformations God will show us together! Hub City has been in existence for about 3.5 years and helping has always been part of their DNA. For the past year, they have been searching for an international organization to work alongside; specifically an organization they could partner with and “not just go on a mission trip.” Jonathan remembered that Bill Howard was working in Haiti and after conversing with Bill about Alex’s House, Jonathan knew it would be a perfect fit.

Hub City makes their first trip to Haiti March 11-16, but God has already been working in their church and community. Jonathan shared that he knew partnering with Alex’s House would be a game changer for the church, but he hadn’t expected it would be such a game changer before ever stepping foot in Haiti. Jonathan has seen “huge God things” happening one after another.

One member heading to Haiti was in a terrible car accident, along with his wife, last year. The doctors thought he would likely never walk again – and if he did, it wouldn’t be normally. He was walking within months. When he heard about the planned trip to Haiti he knew it was something he wanted to be a part of, but wasn’t sure how he could swing the financial commitment. He works for Dish Network (over 1200 people work at his location) and when his boss heard he was heading to Haiti, she asked him to tell her about the trip. After hearing the plan to work on building an orphanage, she offered to run a fundraiser for Hub City’s Haiti fund. A month long raffle started on Monday with all proceeds going to the fund. Everything included in the raffle is being donated by Dish Network – including 2 tablets. We serve an awesome God!

Jonathan and Hub City are ready for what lies ahead and look forward to the journey together with Alex’s House!

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