Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SPONSORS NEEDED for our 33 new children!

God is so great! He has very recently placed in our care an additional 33 children. Yes, 33 more children! Each of these children needs a “Daily Bread” sponsor and a “Child to School” sponsor. Why not you? Click here for more information about the specific types of sponsorships we have and on following through with becoming a sponsor.

Now, take a few minutes to look at the photos of our new children. You may find yourself pulled toward a child you want to sponsor. Or we will gladly pair you with a child, if that is what you prefer.

Would you welcome one of these precious children into your heart?

Please contact us to let us know you would like to become a sponsor.

Contact Monica Langdale, Sponsorship Director, with your child request and your questions at:

Haiti trip 703 copy  Haiti trip 784 copy  Haiti trip 731 

    Clelie Lorine 3 year old girl, Gueshnie Pierre 14 year old girl, Roseverline Philus 8 year old girl

Haiti trip 809 copy  Haiti trip 719 copy  Haiti trip 691 copy 

Mickenson Voyard 14 year old boy, Emania Herisaint 3 year old girl, Mickencia 1 year old girl

Haiti trip 726 copy  Haiti trip 727 copy  Haiti trip 755 copy

Betisa Loune 8 year old girl, Lysette Petit Homme 7 year old girl, Daphnee Etienne 14 year old girl

Haiti trip 758 copy  Haiti trip 768 copy  Haiti trip 772 copy

Beloude Lorine 13 year old girl, Dievline Paul 11 year old girl, Louima Lovely 11 year old girl

Haiti trip 708 copy  Haiti trip 713 copy  Haiti trip 801 copy

Elire Herisaint 6 year old girl, Esteline Wideline 3 year old girl, Jameson Silencieux 11 year old boy

Haiti trip 693 copy  Haiti trip 700 copy  Haiti trip 777 copy 

        Roolkensky 3 year old boy, Darlinsie 3 year old girl, Shenika Vernard 9 year old girl

Haiti trip 781 copy  Haiti trip 741 copy  Haiti trip 747 copy

           Elvie Jean 10 year old boy, Suzeline Voyand 7 year old girl, Gennika 3 year old girl

Haiti trip 789 copy  Haiti trip 791 copy  Haiti trip 796 copy

Wenky Pierre 13 year old boy, Wandacha Pletre 11 year old boy, Haindy Jacques 5 year old boy

Haiti trip 750 copy  Haiti trip 815 copy  Haiti trip 824 copy

Selina Jevow 7 year old gril, Yach-Anneka Dorizar 13 year old boy, Olritch Joseph 6 year old boy

Haiti trip 803 copy  Haiti trip 821 copy  Haiti trip 775

         Kerry Paul 6 year old boy, Ismael Etienne 8 year old boy, Esperancia Etienne 7 year old girl

Haiti trip 678 copy  Haiti trip 684 copy  Haiti trip 765

     Twins!!!  Phanesky 1 year old boy, Phanedia 1 year old girl, and Claudine Ovil 10 year old girl

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