Saturday, December 18, 2010

Update on Your Children!

Many of you have been asking about and praying for our children.  Thank the Lord they are all safe, happy and well.  The cholera has not hit our neighborhood.  Our children each take a little bottle of hand sanitizer with them to school and are taking their own lunch until this sickness passes.

The political riots were on the main roads of the city and not in our neighborhood.  Hopefully we will see an end to these soon.

Please pray for our children and all the people of Haiti.

Here are some recent pictures to make you smile!

Stamina, Rosemitta, Machinna & Carlene at bedtime
Zachary striking his "pose"
Rosemitta in the morning.  She told Jimmy "I am very cold!"

Job, Rosemitta and Zachary

Nadege and Carlene

Machinna, Yvline and Stamina

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  1. A group from our church, just returned from Haiti
    last Saturday. (2/19/11). We were able to worship with you as you celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Alex House. What a comfort to see that these children are loved and cared for by Christian people. What a joy to see these pictures and recognize these smiling faces. Thank you for taking us to another orphanage that was so desperately in need of everything, especially love. I saw that they were yelled at, switched and only got one meal a day. My heart is aching. I did have the privilege of getting to help BGR pass out clothes, sent by Fairview Baptist, to these children. We were almost mobbed by them, they were so excited. they IMMEDIATELY ran to put them on. I miss them greatly!